Bigg Boss Promo Sep 27 video 1 – Bigg Shock for house mates

Full video attached below There is an option that someone can go out with very big amount. But for that there are few conditions. Snehan, Harish and Bindhu...

Bigg Boss Promo Sep 26 VIdeo 2 – Snehan telling his love story

Full Video Attached Below Bindhu and Arav asking to Snehan about his love story. Snehan telling some poem and he is saying that he did not loved anyone...

Bigg Boss Promo Sep 26 video 1 – Arav’s mimicry Performance

Full Video Attached Below Arav is doing mimicry like Rajini,Bindhu is acting like Nayanthara and Harish is doing mimicry like Simbu. In that Harish is doing some little...

Bigg Boss Promo Sep 25 Video 2 – Anjali inside Bigg Boss House

Full Video Attached Below In yesterdays promo Vijay Tv showed that one actress is there in the Bigg boss house. Now in today's second Promo they revealed that...

Oviya sing kokku natta song in Saravana stores opening function

Video Attached Below Oviya became very famous after Bigg Boss. Today There was a opening ceremony for Saravana stores in OMR. In that oviya participated and sung "kokku...

Bigg Boss Promo Sep 25 Video 1 – Face of a new guest is...

Full Video attached below Ganesh was asked to perform a dance and and everybody laughing by seeing his dance. including the guest in bigg boss house. Harish teasing...

Bigg Boss Promo Sep 24 Video 1 – Eviction based on Snehan’s Decision

Full Video Attached Below Snehan got some points by playing the game well this week. Now he can donate his points either to Suja or Ganesh. Kamal telling...

Bigg Boss Promo Sep 23 Video 1 – Kamal’s Political speech !

Full Video below: Recently Kamal has been using the stage to deliver his political views which was also related to Bigg Boss house. In this way he doesn't...

Bigg Boss Promo Sep 22 Video 2 – Suja’s Secret Talk

Full Video Attached Below Ganesh saying to everybody that he and Suja need 2 minutes privacy to talk with Bigg Boss. Arav saying to Harish that why these...

Bigg Boss Promo Sep 22 Video 1 – Arav Teasing Ganesh Behaviour

Full Video Attached Below There is a phone task going in bigg boss in which Ganesh is always sitting near the phone and picking the call which irritates...

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