Niroop defames himself as he uses swearword to scold Julie: Netizens condemns his act.

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Big Boss Ultimate in Tamil has crossed seven weeks since then the launch. Each of the competitors is playing vigorously. So far in the show Suja Varuni, Sharik, Abhinay, Dadi Balaji have been evicted and Vanitha herself left the show.  Following them, was the exit of Snehan last week. Suresh Chakraborty and Kpy Satish, who have already left the show, entered as wild card entries.

Simbu is currently hosting the show following Kamal who left for Vikram’s shooting. Ramya Pandian entered as a wild card entry last week. The egg task this week is going at full tilt. Competitors are also attacking and playing with each other. In this situation, a video of Niroop scolding Julie angrily has gone viral on social media. In that video, Julie is talking to Anita about Niroop.

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Video of Niroop scolding Julie:

Then Niroop looks at Julie and says angrily that she is lying. Thus, the argument between Julie and Niroop becomes more. Then Niroop looks at Julie and yells ‘Podi Olu …’ So, Julie gets upset and fights with Niroop. This video is spreading faster than wildfire on social media right now.

Julie scolds back:

Let’s wait and see what is the response from the Big Boss side. Not only that, it is noteworthy that Anita warned Niroop not to use that word when he used it already. Also, even a few weeks ago Julie said to Niroop that he has no right to speak about her character and if so she would break his mouth.

Julie Niroop issue:

Julie and Abhirami are good friends. Julie does not talk with the housemates who don’t like Abhirami. As well as Julie nominates the same person whom Abhirami nominates every time. When Niroop was nominated by Abhirami, Julie also nominated him.

A controversial word by Anita:

This time the fight ended terribly. Similarly, days ago Anita was talking ugly to Niroop. But, the fans just scolded him as it was a game. But this time, many are commenting that the way Niroop and Julie are talking is wrong. And it has become a terrible controversy because it is a show that everyone watches. Hence the people wait for the judgment of arbiter.