Bigg Boss Tamil Saeson 2
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Bigg Boss Tamil was the most successful show of Tamil television industry in 2017 which made a huge record of 6 crore viewers, it also won the pride of the year award from Vijay Television. Bigg Boss Tamil is now stepping into the season 2 and with no surprise, the show will be once again hosted by none other than ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ Kamalhasan.

Kamal | Bigg Boss Vote Tamil

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The Winner is Riythvika and the Runner is Aywarya Dutta.

Bigg Boss Tamil – Elimination Details

The Show is expected to air on 17th of July in Vijay Television and there will be 16 contestants that will be revealed only on day 1 by the host, and further, there will be 4 wildcard entries who will enter in the middle of the show. The rules would be same as the season 1 and The contestant can nominate other contestants for an elimination and top 4 contestants would participate in the eviction process, whereas viewers can vote and save their favorite contestant.

 House CaptainNominationsExitsIn Jail
Week 1Janani IyerAnanth, Mumtaj, Nithya and RiythvikaNoneNone
Week 2NithyaAnanth, Ponambalam, Mumtaj and MamathiMamathiNone
Week 3VaishnaviNithya, Anand Vaithiyanathan, BalajiAnand VaithiyanathanNone
Week 4Ramya / NithyaPonambalam, Nithya, Balaji and YashikaNithyaPonnambalam, Yashika, Nithya and Mahat
Week 5MahatPonambalam, Balaji, Janani Iyer and Aishwarya DuttaRamyaBalaji
Week 6No CaptainMahat, Mumtaj, Ponnambalam, Vaishnavi and YashikaVaishnavi but in Secret RoomMahat and Balaji
Week 7AishwaryaBalaji,Mumtaj, Ponnambalam, Mahat, Rythivika and Shariq HassanShariqMahat, Sendrayan, Ponnambalam, Ryithivika, Yashika and Shariq
Week 8YashikaPonnambalam, Sendrayan and JananiPonnambalamNone
Week 9AishwaryaJanani, Rythvika, Dannial, Sendrayan and VaishnaviVaishnaviNone
Week 10Yashika AnandSendrayan, Balaji, Mahat & MumtajMahat None
Week 11SendrayanJanani, Balaji & DanialDannialNone
Week 12YashikaAyshwarya, Mumtaj, Sendrayan, Janani & Viji LakshmiSendrayanNone
Week 13RithivikaRithivika, Ayshwarya, Mumtaj and VijiyaLakshmiMumtajNone
Week 14Rithivika, Ayshwarya, Yaashika, Balaji and VijiyaLakshmiBalaji & YashikaNone
Week 15Finalae WeekRithivika, Ayshwarya, VijiyaLakshmi and Janani (Vote For the Winner)

Bigg Boss Tamil Missed Call Numbers

Yashika Aanand – Missed Call Number – 8367796816

Ponnambalam – Missed Call Number – 8367796810

Riythvika – Missed Call Number – 8367796812

Mamathi Chari – Missed Call Number – 8367796807

Ramya NSK – Missed Call Number – 8367796811

Sendrayan – Missed Call Number – 8367796813

Thaadi Balaji – Missed Call Number – 8367796803

Nithya Thaadi Balaji – Missed Call Number – 8367796809

Daniel Anne Pope – Missed Call Number – 8367796804

Aishwarya Dutta – Missed Call Number – 8367796801

Mahat Raghavendra – Missed Call Number – 8367796806

Mumtaj – Missed Call Number – 8367796808

Shariq Khan – Missed Call Number – 8367796814

Vaishnavi – Missed Call Number – 8367796815

Janani Iyer – Missed Call Number – 8367796805

Ananth Vaidyanathan – Missed Call Number – 8367796802

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Process

Viewers can support their favorite contestant by voting them. There are the couple of ways to save the nominated contestants for eviction. One is by Bigg Boss Online voting and another one is by giving a missed call.

Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting

  1. Do Google Search with any one of the following keywords “Bigg Boss Vote” or “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote ” or “Click here to go the the link.
  2. You will see the list of nominated contestants in the search result.
  3. You have to make sure that you have signed in to your Gmail Account.
  4. You will have 10 votes per day.
  5. Select your favorite contestant and vote them.
  6. You can split the 10 votes to multiple contestants as you wish.

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Bigg Boss Vote Through Missed Call

Another way to save the Bigg Boss Contestant by giving the missed call. Each contestant will have a number where viewers can give missed to that number to save their favorite contestant. The number of the contestants will have revealed when they enter into the eviction process.

Note: Only Maximum of 10 Missed call Per number in a week will be eligible for voting, more than that will be considered as invalid.

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Bigg Boss Season 2 Contestant List


Contestant Name ProfessionStatus
Yashika AnandActressIn House
Mahat RaghavendraActorIn House
Daniel Annie PopeActorIn House
Janani IyerActressIn House
Aishwarya DuttaActressIn House
Dhadi BalajiActor, ComedianIn House
NithyaCommoner (Mrs.Dhadi Balaji)Evicted (4th week)
Sendrayan ActorIn House
RiythvikaActressIn House
Anand VaidhyanadhanSingerEvicted (3rd week)
Ramya SubramanianSingerEvicted (5th week)
Mamathi chariActressEvicted(2nd week)
MumtajSocial ActivistNominated
Shariq KhanActorIn House
VaishnaviTelevision ActressIn House

Yashika Anand :

Yashika Anand in Bigg Boss
Yashika Anand in Bigg Boss Tamil

Yashika Anand is an actress who predominantly appears in Tamil Cinema industry. Her recent Movie called Irrutu Arayil Murattu Kuthu took her to another level in the acting industry. Yashika is a social media influencer who has a large number of fan followers in social handlers. Yashika Anand has been now entered into the Bigg Boss House as the first contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil season 2. She is the youngest contestant in the show and she is just 18. She also said that she was bought up very open and she is matured enough to handle things.

Ponnambalam :

Ponambalam With Kamal in Bigg Boss
Ponambalam With Kamal in Bigg Boss Tamil

Ponnambalam is a Tamil movie actor who acted in more than 100 films.  Basically, he was a sportsman and he entered into cine field as a stuntman. Now Ponnambalam is the second contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil season 2. He has a son and daughter who were also came along with him to the show.

Mahat Raghavendra :

Mahat In Bigg-Boss
Mahat In Bigg Boss Tamil

Mahat Raghavendra is an Indian actor who predominantly appears in Tamil and Telugu language films. He had acted along with both Vijay and Ajith Kumar who are South India’s leading Superstar. Mahat is now a  Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 contestant.

Daniel Annie Pope:

Danial Anne Pope in Bigg Boss House
Danial Anne Pope in Bigg Boss Tamil

Daniel Annie Pope was born and bought up in Mathuranthakam, Tamilnadu. Also, he completed his schooling in the same district. He has completed his bachelor degree in Visual Communication at Loyola College Chennai and he actively participated in college theatre group programs. He acted in many Tamil films. Now he is one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil season 2.


Vaishnavi in Bigg Boss
Vaishnavi | Bigg Boss Vote Tamil

Vaishnavi is a Radio Jockey. She is basically a Journalist. She has also done few short films. She is the granddaughter of Sa. Visvanathan who is the great writer. She impressed Kamalhasan even before entering into the house. Vaishnavi is the contestant #4 in the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2.

Janani Iyer :

Janani Iyer in Bigg-Boss
Janani Iyer in Bigg Boss Tamil

Janani Iyer is an actress who acted in many Tamil and Malayalam films. She was introduced by director Bala in the movie Avan Ivan. She was basically a software engineer later turned in to an actor. She is basically a Chennai girl and now she is a contestant #5 in Bigg Boss Tamil season 2.

Anand Vaidhyanadhan :

Anandh Vaithyanathan Bigg Boss
Anandh Vaithyanathan | Bigg Boss Vote Tamil

Anand Vaidhyanadhan is a leading voice expert in India. He worked with many television channels to give vocal training to many singers. He got much fame once he is a voice trainer for Airtel Super Singer. Anand Vaidhyanadhan is also conducting the workshop for the people abroad. Now he is one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil season 2.

NSK Ramya :

NSK Ramya Singerin Bigg Boss Tamil
NSK Ramya Singerin Bigg Boss Tamil

Ramya is a singer and the granddaughter of great NS Krishnan also she is the granddaughter of KR Ramaswamy. She has come out from cine blood, hopefully, she would make the platform best use of it. And she is the 8th Contestant in the Bigg Boss House.

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Sendrayan :

Sendrayan Bigg Boss
Sendrayan | Bigg Boss Vote Tamil

Sendrayan is a Tamil movie actor who acted as a villain, comedian and supporting actor in many films. He first film was Polladhavan. His dialogue delivery style is unique and most of his film dialogues are super hit. Now Sendrayan is a contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil season 2.

Riythvika :

Rythivika in bigg boss
Rythivika in Bigg Boss Tamil

Rythivika in Bigg bossRiythvika is an actress who had does supporting role in many Tamil film. She got best-supporting-actress award for the film Madras too. She worked with Superstar Rajinikanth in Kabalai Movie. She is a natural actress who did not study acting professionally. Now she is one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil season 2.


Mumtaj In Bigg-Boss
Mumtaj | Bigg Boss Vote Tamil

Mumtaj In Bigg-BossMumtaj is a leading Tamil actress. Right now in Bigg Boss House! She has huge fan followers in Tamilnadu, she also acted in a song with Ilayathalapathy Vijay.

Dhadi Balaji :

Thadi Balaji Bigg Boss
Thadi Balaji in Bigg Boss Tamil

Dhadi Balaji is a famous actor and television anchor who worked with many of the leading stars in Tamil cinema industry. He involved in many shows of Vijay TV. Now Thadi Balaji is a contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 with his wife Nithya. We all know about the Dhadi Balaji and Nithya’s controversy. So this may create the sensation in the Bigg Boss house.

Nithya :

Nithya Balaji in Bigg Boss House
Nithya Balaji in Bigg Boss Tamil

Nithya is a wife of Thadi Balaji, a famous television anchor, and actor. Nithya proposed Thadi Balaji and married him. Initially, Nithya’s parents did not accept her love and later they accepted it. Nithya and Thadi Balaji is now living separately due to some family issue. Nithya is one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil season 2.

Shariq Hassan :

Shariq Hassan in Bigg-Boss House
Shariq Hassan | Bigg Boss Vote Tamil

Shariq Khan Or Shariq Hassan is a Tamil Film actor, who came out form strong film background family. He is the son of Uma Riaz and Riaz Khan who were acted in so many Tamil Movies. He is also a grandson of actress Kamala Kamesh who acted along with Visu in the movie Manal Kayiru.  He has debuted in the movie along with Actor GV prakash. Shariq Khan is now a Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 contestant.

Aishwarya Dutta :

Aishwarya Dutta
Aishwarya Dutta | Bigg Boss Vote Tamil

Aishwarya Dutta is an Indian film actress who predominantly appears in Tamil Cinema. She was born and bought up in Kolkatta and she was a model too. She was debuted in Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum which was released in 2015 and it’s also good at box office collection. Aishwarya Dutta is also a contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil season 2.

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Day 1: There was a task where 3 envelopes were hidden in the house and the housemates who get those envelopes can be the candidate for captain of the week. Three candidates, one captain namely Janani, Mumtaj and Mahath were the candidates. Candidates can convince the house to vote for them and Janani received the Maximum number of the votes and she becomes the captain of the first week in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. Also, there was a secret task for Janani Iyer, where if she makes other housemates to follow the Bigg Boss Tamil Rules than she will be opted out for nomination on 2nd week too.

Day 2: As a captain, Janani Iyer wants to make other housemates follow the rules where in return she might also receive a cold welcome from others. Also, Janani Iyer desperately wants to prove her as captain to avoid nomination for her next week. There was a luxury budget task for 800 points. Aishwarya Dutta and Yashika Anand were becoming closer together. There was a misunderstanding going between Yashika and Janani. On whole second day was not so bad as shown in the promo.

Day 3: This is the first day where the fight started in season 2. The main problem is between Mumtaj and Nithya who were been in the cooking team. And the complaint is about Nithya is not coordinating with the team. Mahat and Mamathi were supporting to Mumtaj. In the end, Mumtaj lost her cool and left the place by saying that “Ask Your Captain” which was viral in Social Media.

Day 4: A major rule violation, where contestants were not coming to living area in a time when there was a call from Bigg Boss. That has led to the contestants losing a significant part of their budget. Also, Mumtaj was crying since she got homesick on seeing Shariq Hassan because he looks alike to her niece. Also, Bigg Boss Splited into 8 teams and each team has 2 members and assigned a task to them which is for a luxury budget.

Day 5: Aishwarya and Janani kiss while Mumtaz and Bhalajie wear diapers and act like kids, Danny and Yashika were cutting 50Kgs of Onion for whole night and day. All is not well between Mumtaz and Nithya, Balaji is not happy about Nithya. Janani is asked to name the underperformers and she pointed Balaji, Nithya and Vaishnavi after that all housemates are applauded for their efforts. And Mumtaj, Dannial, and Yashika were applauded by Bigg Boss for their best performance in the task where Bigg also offered 300 Points as the bonus. Also Bigg Boss offered that only these three people can choose the product from the luxury budget.

Day 6: That is the weekend special episode and the Boss Kamalhassan is back into the stage. There might be a new love story, to begin between Shariq Hassan and Aishwarya Dutta, Shariq had expressed his interest toward her but Aishwarya said that she is living far away from her parents and she has her own responsibilities to do, we need to wait for whats going to happen between them. Also, there was some misunderstanding going between Janani Iyer and Aishwarya at the end both of them got cried.  Then Kamalhasan took his stands and intervened each and every contestant. Kamal has also trolled Sendrayan for his bad English. Especially it took a long time to clarify the “Onion” issues. Also, he talked more about the problems between Nithya and other contestants. Kamal has also adviced Nithya to get involved with other housemates. Kamal has also added the politics in his own way. So many of them were cried in this episode including Shariq, Mumtaj, Vaishnavi, NSK Ramya and Balaji

Day 7: (Nomination Day) Bigg Boss asked all contestants to confess someone who is not good in Bigg Boss House, Nithya was the one who received the highest number of votes.  Also, Mamthi and Mumtaj were cornered by other contestants. There was also a fun happened in Bigg Boss house where Mahat shared a bed with Aishwarya and Yashika where Balaji was there and trolled them. Vaishnavi also complained about Mumtaj and Mamathi to other contestants. There was also a marketing task where Mumtaj and Mamathi lead girls team and Dannial and Sendraya lead boys team. Where other contestant wants to select the better trolly. House captain Janani Selected Boys trolly. For the twist, Bigg Boss announced Nithya as a captain without an election. Four contestants were nominated for eviction namely Anand Vaithiyanathan (4 Votes), Mumtaj (6 Votes), Mahathi (6 Votes) and Ponambalam (4 Votes).

Day 8: Vaishnavi, NSK Ramya, Aishwarya, and Yashika were not happy about Ponambalam because he abused them last night. Mumtaj went to Ponambalam and have a word to him about that. Ponamblam felt sorry for that. Also, there was a luxury budget task where the girls would perform as servant and boys team would be a lord in the house. Mumtaj and Mamathi were unhappy and they denied doing some task which they were not comfortable. Also, boys team also named those two names who were not performed well in the task.

Day 9: The lord and servant task getting more serious few girls who were in servent team got offended by lords team. Aishwarya and Yashika took it in a very sportive way.  Danny was getting a more positive response from the audiences. There was also a stage performance at the end of the day, where servant team has to perform in front of lord team and lord team wants to award them for the best performance. Mamathi sang a song and it was trolled badly in social media. Aishwarya won the award for her singing performance and Mumtaj & Nithya won an award for dancing performance. There was also a fight between Mumtaj and other contestants just because Mumtaj was not coming out of her comfort zone.

Day 10: The role got reversed, now girls team was swapped as lords and boys team has to be in the servant role. Also, the boy’s team has to choose one best lord who can’t be nominated for eviction and one bad performer in servant team who has to be directly nominated for eviction. Danny and Nithya won it respectively. When the role get reversed the fights get increased in the house. The fight between Nithya and Balaji was getting more heated up, even Balaji started using bad language. In the end, there was a stage performance again performed by boys team.

Day 11:  The Servant and Lord task came to an end. Bigg Boss made an announcement that Boys team was the winner of this task. And the winning team has an opportunity to select the luxury items and girls team has to sit quite. Also at the end s task has the housemates debating over who plays an active role in maintaining a relationship, men or women? Mahat was the judge for this task and he has announced girls team did better and they won.

Day 12:  Week End – it’s a Kamalhassan who going to steal the show. The show started with questions from the audience. And then he talked to the inmates via “Agam TV” Kamalhassan was not happy about Mumtaj who violates one of the most important rules in Bigg Boss, that she removed her mic. And he made her remove the mic and wants her to get isolated from the living room. Also, he made a “Kurum Padam” to Balaji which favors Nithya. And he also announced that Ponamblam was saved from eviction.

Day 13:  Eviction Day. Kamalhassan used the stage to release the single track of his upcoming Movie Vishwaroopam 2, inmates are allowed to see the performances, shruthi hassan also accompanied with Kamal today. He also announced that Anand Vaithiyanathan was saved from eviction. And its now Mumtaj or Mamathi, and Kamal announced that Mamathi was the one who wants to leave the house and she was the first contestant who got evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2.

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