Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

Bigg Boss Tamil 3
Bigg Boss Tamil 3
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Bigg Boss is a Tamil reality show, which is telecasted in star Vijay, the Bigg Boss programme as the concept Of Bigg Brother which was developed by Endemoll, big boss has rolled out 4 seasons  till now and Kamal Hassan continues to be the host of the show. In this the housemates live in a house that is completely lost from the world. Ever week based on the internal voting housemates will be selected for eviction based on the internal selections of the housemates, general public start voting and who gets the least voting will be evicted, this continues every week till the last week, where in during the final week only three members will be at Bigg Boss home out of which one will be selected. The house contains two large bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, a garden, pool, activity area and a gym, a storeroom, a smoking room, a jail, and four bathrooms, the house restricts certain things such as Television, Telephones, Internet, Clock, Pen and Paper. And there are certain rules the housemates should follow while they are inside the Bigg Boss house such as contestant must speak Tamil, may not leave the premises without permission, may not discuss the nomination process, may not sleep during the day, may not commit violence against fellow housemates.

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Housemates should strictly follow the rules of Bigg Boss, like contestants should speak in Tamil, should not leave the big boss house without permission, the housemates should not discuss the nomination process, and there should not be any violence against fellow housemates, if any of this is violated, the housemates will be evicted or there won’t be any luxury budget. Every Sunday there will be one person evicted from the house. Each and every week one caption will be selected based on the task, the caption of the house cannot be nominated for the eviction, the caption should be very transparent so that there won’t be any kind of conflict between the housemates, and based on the task performed each week there will be two person who will be selected as best performer and the worst performer, the best performers will directly go to the captain ship task and the worst person will go to the jail, until the Bigg Boss announce the worst performer shall be in the jail itself. Each and ever week the contestant are evicted based on the public votes, and ever Saturday and Sunday Kamal Hassan will address the issues faced inside the house. And then now ever one are awaiting for Bigg Boss season 5, the season 5 is expected to launch on June 2021. And there are rumours that actor simbu will be hosting the season instead of Kamal Hassan. As Kamal Haasan is on severe Politics And similarly there are rumours of contestants as well that is Sunitha from cook with comali , Ashwin, Darsha Gupta, Pavithra Lakshmi all from Cook with Comali, and some of the actors and actress who are expected are Radha Ravi, Lakshmi Nenon, Sona, Poonam Bajwa, Mansoor Ali Khan, But still this is not the confirmed list, this is just a rumour, the final list may be different or same can only be known when the season officially starts, and the next big boss will start with the proper COVID protocol the next season will be held, or they will be vaccinated.

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The first season of Bigg Boss telecasted on star Vijay from 25th June, 2017 to 30 September 2017, it was hosted by Kamal Hassan, 19 housemates were there, out of 19 Arav Nafeez was the winner and Snehan Sivaselvam was the runner up, the winner of the season received a cash prize of INR 50 lakh.

Season 2 started from 17 June, 2018 to 30 September, 2018, 17 housemates were there, in which Riythvika was the title winner and Aishwarya Dutta was the runner up, Riythvika won a trophy and a cash prize of INR 50 lakh, this was the first season to have a female winner.

Season 3 commenced from 23 June, 2019 to 6 October, 2019, 17 housemates were there, in which Mugen Rao from Malaysia won the Bigg Boss title and Sandy from India awarded with runner up,

Season 4 with lot of COVID protocol this season started from 4 October, 2020 to 17 January, 2021, 18 housemates out of which Aari Arjunan was awarded with the Bigg Boss title, whereas Balaji Murugadoss was awarded with runner up.

First seasons house was on the outskirts of Chennai at EVP film city in Chembarambakkam,

Each and every seasons house is to be the same, and each and every season the house as been renovated.

Season 1: Contestants Arav, Snehan, Harish, Ganesh, Bindhu, Suja, Vaiyapuri, kaajal, Raiza, Gayathri, Sakthi, Juliana, Oviya, Namitha, Aarathi, Ganja, Bharani, Anuya, Sri. These were the contestants of Bigg Boss season one, there was love track going between Arav and Oviya due to which Oviya committed suicide it was the violation of Bigg Boss rules hence she was evicted from the Bigg Boss house, Bharani was left alone from the entire housemates and he started braking the Bigg Boss[ rules by trying 2 jumps out of the big boss house due to which he was evicted from the big boss house.

Season 2 : contestants Rithvika, Aishwarya, Vijayalakshmi, Janani, Yashika, Balaji, Mumtaz, Sendrayan, Daniel, Mahat, Vaishnavi, Ponnambalam, Shariq, Ramya, Nithya, Anand, Mamathi.

These were the contestants of big boss 2. There was a heated arguments between Balaji and Aishwarya where Aishwarya gets the garbage and puts on Balaji,

Season 3: contestants Mugen, Sandy, Losliya, Sherin, Tharakan, Kavin, Cheran, Vanitha, Kasthuri, Abirahmi, Madhumitha, Sakshi, Saravanan, Reshma, Meera, Mohan, Fathima. There was huge bonding with housemates, Madhumitha violated Bigg Boss rules she cut her hand due to which she was evicted from the Bigg Boss.

Season 4: Contestants Aari, Balaji, Rio, Ramya, Somshaker, Gabriella, Shivani, Aajeedh, Anitha, Archana, Nisha, Ramesh, Sanam, Samyukta, Suchitra, Suresh, Velmurugan, Rekha.

Ever housemates had a problem with sanam, she used to standing alone in the house, wherein there will be clashes between Sanam and other housemates but the clash between Suresh and Sanam was huge.

Season four was the most interesting for the housemates and for the entire Bigg Boss crew the reason behind this was they celebrate Bigg Boss first Diwali, Chrismas, Pongal.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote – Public Opinion Poll

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial Voting poll which is conducted by Behind Talkies. This is just to know the opinion of the audience. And this is not counted in the official voting.

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Bigg Boss Tamil 4 – Elimination Details

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Nomination Details

WeekHouSe CaptainNomineesEviction
1st WeekRamya PandiyanNo nominationNo Eviction
2nd WeekSuresh ChakravarthySanam, Shivani, Samiyuktha, Rekha, Ajeedh & Ramya
3rd Week
4th Week
5th Week
6th Week
7th Week
8th Week
9th Week
10th Week
11th Week

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Vote – Missed Call Numbers

Contestants NameMissed Call Nuber
Vote to 8367796801
Vote to 8367796802
Vote to 8367796812
Vote to 8367796816
Vote to 8367796803
Vote to 8367796810
Vote to 8367796815
Vote to 8367796806
Vote to 8367796814
Vote to 8367796804
Vote to 8367796811
Vote to 8367796807
Vote to 8367796808
Vote to 8367796813
Vote to 8367796809

Bigg Boss Vote Tamil – Process

Viewers can support their favorite contestant by voting them. There are a couple of ways to save the nominated contestants for eviction. One is by Bigg Boss Online voting and another one is by giving a missed call.

Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting

  1. Download Hotstar app
  2. Click Bigg Boss Banner
  3. Click Vote Now button
  4. You will see list of nominated contestants
  5. Select the contestants and vote
  6. You can split the 50 votes to multiple contestants as you wish, per day.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Through Missed Call

Another way to save the Bigg Boss Contestant by giving the missed call. Each contestant will have a number where viewers can give missed to that number to save their favorite contestant. The number of the contestants will have revealed when they enter into the eviction process.

Note: Only Maximum of 10 Missed call Per number in a week will be eligible for voting, more than that will be considered as invalid.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Contestant List

Contestants NameProfessionStatus
Ramya PandiyanActress3rd Runner-Up
SureshWriterEvicted In Day 35
Rio RajActor & Anchor2nd Runner-Up
SomModel4th Runner-Up
RekhaActressEvicted In Day 14
Aranthandi NishaComedianEvicted In Day 70
BalajiModel1st Runner-Up
AnithaNews ReaderEvicted In Day 84
SanamModelEvicted In Day 63
AajithSingerEvicted In Day 91
GabriallaDancerEvicted In Day 102
Vel MuruganSingerEvicted In Day 28
Jithan RameshActorEvicted In Day 69
SamyukthaModelEvicted In Day 56
ShivaniActressEvicted In Day 98