Amudhavanan and Azeem gets offended each other and creating ruckus, Big boss promo released!!!

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The Bigg Boss season 6 show is currently going on fast after 54 days. At the beginning of TV. program 20 people participated like GB Muthu, Azeem, Asal, Robert, Ramasamy, ATK, Janani, Amudavanan, VJ Maheshwari, VJ Katiravan, Ayesha, Thanalakshmi, Raksita, Manikandan, Methi Oli Santi, Vikraman, Quincy and Nivasini, Sivin Ganesan. are with

Then Maina Nandini came as a wild card entry in the first week itself. The show has been going The since its inception. So far GB Muthu, Metoli Shanti, Asal, Sherina, Maheshwari, Nivashini, Robert master have left the show. Also, this season, many new people unknown to the fans entered the field as contestants.

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Also, Bigg Boss entertains the fans by giving various tasks to the contestants to maintain the excitement of the maintain. Likewise the Big boss stuns the contestant with Aliens and Tribals task.The Team Traibals and aliens must enter others zones and endure the opponents acts and wim the rewards.The house mate execute their tactics with each other while the task performance.

Subsequently, they used to release the the big boss promo daily basis which triggers the viewers to watch the show eagerly.Similarly in the  promo of the show which was released a few hours ago

Amudhavanan and Azeem lose their cool and the heat of the arguments and fights setsoff in the big boss house. House mates are bullying each other in Tribals and Aliens task,however when things get too personal, they indulge in ugly fights.

Likewise, in the promo,Amudhavanan thrashed Kathir roughly and calls for the fight  and says ,’lets hit and play the game’.Azeem couldn’t tolerate that and Azeem seem to shout at Amudhavanan.