Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sonchiriya Movie Review .!

The bandits and dacoits have often seen restricted to the film ‘Sholay’ in Hindi film industry, but director Abhishek Chaubey shatters all these myths with a bold, poignant, and on-glamorous Sonchiriya.

Set in the year 1975, the film revolves around a bandit gang led by Maan Singh (Manoj Bajpayee) with Lakhan (Sushant Singh Rajput) his most trusted member and Vakil Singh (Ranvir Shorey, who is his friend. While the bandits are the mouse in the circle, the cop Virendra Gujjar (Ashutosh Rana) is the snake who hunts them, and with the caste being the vulture hunting everyone, it is a dangerous circle, indeed. The director has given an interesting caste politics drama, but the film is disappointingly slow paced.

Just like his previous film ‘Udta Punjab’, Abhishek shows the problems, the anxiety, fear with extreme subtly while giving us a glimpse of the bandit’s dark world. Each character in the film is trying to find their salvation, trying to escape from their fate. They are not confused, but, they were brought up to think that it is their ‘Dharma’ to safeguard their caste and folks. They somehow think that are fated for this rollercoaster life.

Their never ending issues come to a stop when they meet a distressed Indumathi (Bhumi Padnekar) who has escaped to get treatment for a young rape survivor.
Indumathi is also another victim of the patriarchy, who, despite her efforts to come out of it finds herself tied to it. Though the movie is set in 1975, the director has balanced the storyline of the film with modernity. The director’s effort at giving each character a backdrop and a story is commendable.

Cinematographer Anuj Rakesh Dhawan has captured the canyons very beautifully. But, it is the acting that stands out. Though you might feel bored within an hour, if patient, you will surely be mesmerized by the film at the end. The action scenes were directed pretty well. Manoj Bajpayee’s cameo role shows why he is one of the best stars of Bollywood.

Sushant delivers a top-notch performance as Lakhan by literally living the character. Also, Shorey acted well as Vakil Singh. The impulsiveness, despair, and maturity that he displays as the character are noteworthy. On the whole, Abhishek Chaubey has given an unconventional but engaging film, but not for everyone.

Chekka Chevantha Vaanam Movie Review

chekka chivantha vaanam review

Chekka Chevantha Vaanam – After Katru Veliyidai Mani Rathnam back with CCV whether CCV satisfied the audience? let’s see.

Simbu – Ethi character nicely sketched but not correctly used in the movie. Simbu looks charming and for the few dialogues, he received applause from the audience. But this is not what the audience expected from Simbhu.

Aravind samy and Arun Vijay – Done their part in a good way. Both of them to their best.

Jyothika – The female lead been in a gangster family, portrayed in a good way. She had performed in her own way.

Ishwarya Rajesh – Can be used more.

Prakash Raj and Jayasudha– perfectly portrait as a gangster couples.

Diana and Aditi rao – both of them are used as glamour dolls.

Vijay Sethupathy – The Real hero and villain of the movie. Entertainment guaranteed performance from VJS. Audience will love his character.

A.R.Rahman – almost songs are short and Background music is an added advantage for the movie. He has nailed it throughout the movie.

Mani rathnam– usual template slow pace black comedy screenplay which can be little faster. Easily guessable climax and second half pulled down the movie. Whether everyone will accept this climax big question mark.

Imaikka Nodigal Movie Review

Imaika Nodigal Review

Imaikka Nodigal- After the Success of Demonte Colony Ajay Gnanamuthu with his 2 years of Hard work Back with a Bang.

Nayanthara- the Real hero of the movie whole movie is on her shoulder only. Even though many other actors are their Nayanthara steals the show. She has many shades in this movie don’t miss that. Once again lady Superstar proves her intelligence in story choosing.

Atharva – In first half full lover boy role but After interval turns into a full action hero and lead the movie as a hero in the second half.

Anurag Kashyap – Terrible villain and steals the show with his performance and modulation. We can see him in many upcoming movies.

Vijay Sethupathy – Gud guest performance and also nicely done. Additional support to the movie and fully satisfied family audience.

Hip-hop Aathi – His Bgm plays as a hero in many parts and songs also good except Atharva rashy Khanna love song. Good work in Background music.

Rd Rajasekhar and editor has brilliantly done their part. Even though 2 hrs 50 mins movie has no bore and lag.

Ajay Gnanamuthu- Hats off to his work and dedication for this movie seat edge thriller is not easy but he has done very perfectly good work bro. Eagerly waiting for your next movie.

Overall – Worth watchable perfect neat seat edge thriller. Worth watchable. The biggest hit of the year guarantee.

Kolamavu Kokila Movie Review

co co Review

Kolamavu Kokila – Nayanthara back as lead role after Dora and Aaram. Nowadays how parents medical problems playing a crucial role and completely changing children life is what the movie talks about

Nayanthara- Heart of the movie with her cute expression and childishness talk she steals the show and audience gone crazy while looking her from start to end.

Motta Rajendiran – Acted as current trend Punch star and many of his punch gets huge claps.

Yogi babu – Neatly done his part somehow feels a little bit boring.

Saranya ponvannan, Jacqueline, father character, Saravanan, and all villains done their part.

Anirudh – Except Kalyana vayasu other songs doesn’t make impact and Bgm done for what a commercial movie needs.

Nelson- As a comedy movie the director gets pass mark but as a movie compares to life this movie teach many bad things and create route’s for many illegal activities also. One thing the director tries to make the next movie with some realistic and not exposing illegal activities.

Overall – One-time watchable movie for lady Superstar. Don’t compare this movie with your life it will be complicated. First half and second half both need some patience to watch.

Reviewed by Saravanan SRS

Rating -3/5

Pyaar Prema Kadhal Review

pyar prema kadhal review

Pyaar Prema Kadhal – When two different ideologist people meet at a relationship what will happen how Their life will be … It is all about the movie speaks.

When coming to lead characters, Harish Kalyan – Perfectly suits for this middle-class next door boy. Scores at many places during family sentiment first love the feel and attraction feel. Hereafter we can see him in many movies in the upcoming days.

Raiza– Full makeup Glam doll and damn sure acting also nicely coming. Mainly before interval here transformation scene is awesome. Congrats on this typical modern girl character.

Anand Babu – Current generation dad intake it policy type perfectly fits for this role. Everyone must need a dad like him.

Natarajan and Rekha – perfectly exhibiting middle class old typed father and mother still feeling about neighborhood bullshit talks and loading pride weight on their back.

Munish Kanth and Harish’s friend character nicely done their part and entertainment guaranteed role.

Camera and editing did mainly for songs more work has been put to create that real love feels magic.

Yuvan – the Real heart for this movie. His cute BGM at the beginning starts attracting to us to the movie and even though many songs nothing seems bored and mainly dope track and high on love where fans got excited.

Elen – He doesn’t say whether all are wrong or right he portrayed a movie on his own views and given a youth full entertainment as good as possible. Congrats bro for your future project.

Overall A one-time watchable love movie with a glimpse of glamour and love dosage with correct level with stunning BGMs and melodious album.

Reviewed by Saravanan SRS
PS – Do watch with ur loved ones or friends. The family may feel little distress in love scenes