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Sasikumar’s, Kaari Movie Review

Director Sasikumar who is known for the village story as well as village actor. Last week the movie Nan mirugamai maara starrer Sasikumar have been released, following to that this week Kaari movie released. Hemanth directed this film, Sasikumar, Adukalam Naren, Parvathy Arun, Ammu Abirami, Samyukta, Premkumar, Redin Kingsley, Balaji Sakthivel and many others acted in this film. Iman has composed th music for the film.

The movie begins with the story as the villagers strongly protest for the government chooses a village near Ramanathapuram as dumping ground.In this movie,the Hero Sasikumar and his father Naren nurture race horse. And third story is the Villan buy and eat famous animals.The story moves around these three matters.Sasikumar have written the story of Kaari long before,now he got the chance of showing acting skills in the same story.The story is full of emotions without any comedy.There is an emotional scenes with bull and the climax with jallikattu is tremendous and the scenes came out well in the movie.

Directed Hemanth has well depicted the Village rural story as it is.Iman’s songs and background music were a huge plus for the film. Camera work, editing, everything adds strength to the film. The dialogue written well and it added value to the story of the movie.The logical lapses does not destroyes the core of the story.
Kaari – Commander