About Behind Talkies

Behind Talkies is a multilingual news portal that serves news content in Tamil and English. Founded in 2017, its mission is to get to know all the latest happening in their regional language at one point.

Behind Talkies are engaged by original content that doesn’t simply expand their cultural landscape but provides thoughtful and incisive attention to the greatest transformation happening in this century throughout the nation.

Mission and Values

Behind Talkies is an innovative publisher offering independent and accurate journalism.

Behind Talkies gives voice to the voiceless, therefore bringing unbiased and plural perspectives to its engaged audience. Behind Talkies’ its belief is that accurate information can be reported only through openness and plurality.

Behind Talkies has an ambitious objective: to report trustworthy news created by an independent, open community of contributors, ranging open professional journalists to passionate writers, independently of one’s opinion, angle and views. It is a democratic, but curated, news platform where everyone has a voice.