Imaikka Nodigal Movie Review

Imaika Nodigal Review
Imaika Nodigal Review
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Imaikka Nodigal- After the Success of Demonte Colony Ajay Gnanamuthu with his 2 years of Hard work Back with a Bang.

Nayanthara- the Real hero of the movie whole movie is on her shoulder only. Even though many other actors are their Nayanthara steals the show. She has many shades in this movie don’t miss that. Once again lady Superstar proves her intelligence in story choosing.

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Atharva – In first half full lover boy role but After interval turns into a full action hero and lead the movie as a hero in the second half.

Anurag Kashyap – Terrible villain and steals the show with his performance and modulation. We can see him in many upcoming movies.

Vijay Sethupathy – Gud guest performance and also nicely done. Additional support to the movie and fully satisfied family audience.

Hip-hop Aathi – His Bgm plays as a hero in many parts and songs also good except Atharva rashy Khanna love song. Good work in Background music.

Rd Rajasekhar and editor has brilliantly done their part. Even though 2 hrs 50 mins movie has no bore and lag.

Ajay Gnanamuthu- Hats off to his work and dedication for this movie seat edge thriller is not easy but he has done very perfectly good work bro. Eagerly waiting for your next movie.

Overall – Worth watchable perfect neat seat edge thriller. Worth watchable. The biggest hit of the year guarantee.