Clash among Dhanalakshmi and Shivin in Aliens and Tribal task!

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Bigg Boss season 6 show is gaining popularity among people. After 51 days on the Bigg Boss show, there has been no dearth of fights and controversies. In today promo which had been released few hours ago, there is a fight between the Dhanalakshmi and Shivin, say this season of Bigg Boss is always a fight.

Bigg Boss Season 6 on Vijay TV commenced at the beginning of TV. program 20 people participated like GB Muthu, Azeem, Asal, Robert, Ramasamy, ATK, Janani, Amudavanan, VJ Maheshwari, VJ Katiravan, Ayesha, Thanalakshmi, Raksita, Manikandan, Metti Oli Santi, Vikraman, Quincy and Nivasini, Sivin Ganesan, are with.

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Then Maina Nandini came as a wild card entry in the first week itself. The show has been going The since its inception. So far GB Muthu, Metti oli Shanti, Asal, Sherina, Maheshwari, Nivashini, Robert master have left the show. Also, this season, many new people unknown to the fans entered the field as contestants.

Also, Bigg Boss entertains the fans by giving various tasks to the contestants to maintain the excitement of the maintain In that way, the court task has been given this week. Likewise the Big boss stuns the contestant with Aliens and Tribals task.

In that task Dhanalakshmi seems passed on some comments on shivin Mother. Shivin got triggered which results in strong arguments and quarrel amoung both of them