Court has issued a non bailable warrant against actress Meera Mithun – Check out why ?

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The Federal Criminal Court has issued a warrant against actress Meera Mithun for making defamatory remarks about the scheduled caste. In it, the Sessions Court has issued an order to arrest actress Meera Mithun and produce her on April 4.


About the actress:

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Actress Meera Mithun, who is well known in the modeling industry, has acted in films including ‘8 Thotaakkal’ and ‘Thaana serndha Kootam’. It was followed by the reality show ‘Jodi Number One Season 8’. But he withdrew from it when a problem arose between the film crew and Meera Mithun. Following that he attended the Big Boss-3 show and was later eliminated.

Meera in Bigg Boss:

The house was full of controversy all the days that Meera Mithun Big Boss was inside the house. Meera Mithun, who was subsequently eliminated, continued to post controversial videos on social media. The video in which she spoke about Surya, Vijay, and Ajith met with severe criticism. Following that he released a video about the list.


Bail for Meera Mithun:

As the video went viral on social media, a complaint was lodged with the Chennai Metropolitan Police on behalf of several people, including the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), demanding the arrest of Meera Mithun. Following this, Meera Mithun and her boyfriend Sam Abhishek were arrested by the police on August 14. Following this, Meera Mithun filed a petition seeking bail and the Chennai High Court granted bail to Meera Mithun. 

Came up for hearing:

Meanwhile, police have filed a charge sheet against the two released on bail.  Sam and Meera Mithun were summoned to appear yesterday to get copies of it. As the case came up for hearing yesterday, only Sam Abhishek appeared. Meera Mithun was not present. State Counsel Sudhakar, who was appearing at the time, said that Meera Mithun had not fulfilled the condition of appearing before the investigating officer every Monday morning while granting bail.