Netizens are all mocking Azeem, “handwriting is good, but the spelling is too floaty.

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Azeem handwriten letter is going viral now in social media.The Bigg Boss show is currently going on fast after 46 days. Till now 15 contestants are playing inside the Bigg Boss house from 21 contestants like GP Muthu, Metoli Shanthi, Asal Choor, GP Muthu, Maheshwari, Nivashini to 6 contestants.

Also, Bigg Boss entertains the fans by giving various tasks to the contestants to maintain the excitement of the show. That’s how this week comes in. The task is given. Each of the contestants is debating the crimes against them. In that way, Azeem advocates as a lawyer.

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About Azeem: Azeem is popular through small screen serial. This is something everyone knows. He has made a place for himself among people by acting in Sun serials on many channels including Vijay TV and Sun TV. Not only that, he was also a member of the main party. She last played the lead role in Sun TV’s serial Poove Unakakka.

Azeem in Bigg Boss Season 6:

Currently he is participating in Bigg Boss Season 6. Also, Azeem at the beginning of the show is arrogant and rude among the contestants.
He is also thinking that his voice should be heard. In particular, many fans had condemned Ayesha for disrespecting him. Then there was no understanding between Vikraman and Azeem.

Court Task:

Both take turns discussing any matter. As a result, Kamal and Azeem were whitewashed. In this way, Azeem has been involved in some kind of controversy every week.However, Azeem’s actions have changed somewhat after Kamal’s scolding. Azeem is a lawyer given a court task this week. They discuss about the case of him being arrested and hiding the key by putting kathir locked like an animal on his leg. Then Azeem wrote a letter.

The letter written by Azeem:

At present, Azeem’s fans are sharing that letter on social media and praising how beautiful Azeem’s handwriting is. Always, Azeem show off that he was very interested and attached to Tamil. He used to say that I am the one who speaks more in Tamil. But, he made many typos in that letter. He has misspelled many words like Sennar, Abandamaka, Kalpuranarchi etc.  That this is his attitude towards Tamil? how this can be written like this? Netizens pointing out and teasing.