Do you know about this week’s eviction? This might match your expectation.

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Information about the eighth-week exit on the Big Boss Ultimate show is currently going viral on social media. The Big Boss Ultimate show in Tamil is nearing the end of its eighth week. As the show nears the final stage each of the contestants is playing terribly. Also, Big Boss Ultimate is a show launched by Vijay TV in a new and different venture in Tamil. The Big Boss show aired on OTT in Hindi. The same concept is being aired in Tamil on Disney Hot Star.

The show airs 24 hours a day on Disney Hotstar’s, not like the TV show. It features contestants from season 1 to 5 of Big Boss. Also, Vanitha Thamarai has left the show as Suja Varuni, Sharik, Abhinay, Dadi Balaji and Snehan have left so far. Suresh Chakraborty and Key Satish, who had already left, entered as wild card entries.

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Wild card entries:

Simbu is currently hosting the show following Kamal’s exit for Vikram’s shooting. The show has been well received by the people since Simbu started hosting the show. Then came Ramya Pandian as the wild card entry again. Anita, Shruthi, Niroop, Thamarai, Julie, and Satish were the six nominees for last week’s nomination.

Suresh ‘s eviction:

It is guessed that Julie will not be leaving this week as she has been making good fame for herself this season. It was expected that Satish would leave. But, Anita is out last week. No one expected this. Then a few days ago, Suresh Chakraborty abruptly left the Ultimate show. This came as a shock to many.

Last week’s elimination:

It is noteworthy that Suresh left the show due to ill health. Then a few days ago Sandy and Dina made an entry on the show. Once the two of them enter, the house becomes lively and is showered with laughter. In this case, the information about this week’s elimination is currently out.

Recent eviction:

This week’s nominees were Balaji, Julie, Shruti, Ramya Pandian, Abhirami, and Satish. KPY Satish is out this week. He was expected to leave last week. But this week, Satish is out based on a low turnout. This information is currently going viral on social media.