Bigg Boss Ultimate : Out of the blue eviction!!!  Do you know who left the show this week?

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The show goes off well for Seven weeks after the launch of Big Boss Ultimate in Tamil, it has been a great success. All contestants in the show are playing in a full tilt. The show is being aired in Tamil on Disney Hotstar. The show is aired 24 hours a day on Disney Hotstar’s, not like the TV show

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Since the beginning of the Big Boss Ultimate show, the rivals have been playing violently, brawling and attacking each other terribly. Anita, Shruti, Niroop, Thamarai, Julie, and Satish were the six nominees for this week’s nominations. The thing to be surprised is that Julie, who has earned a lot of haters on the social website, is coming out on top in a poll conducted on several websites this week as she garners a good name in this season.

Julie on top:

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Following Julie, Thamarai and Niroop came in second and third positions. Therefore, it was expected that one of the three others would come out. It has been reported that Anita will be leaving this week as Satish is expected to leave. No one expected this.

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Anita evicted:

Anita’s name is constantly being defamed on the Big Boss Ultimate show. In season 4, Anita got applause for her speech all about women’s freedom. Even though she has been following the same style this season, it has ended up the opposite. More than her things she often looks into others and plays accordingly with the question What will others think?

Defamed Anita:

Similarly, in the 4th season, she talked about the Sumangali panchayat and got applause from Kamal. But, this season is different. This season Anita has been involved in controversy by talking in double meaning many times. Even in the last few weeks, she has made many people frown saying that Big Boss baby is growing in my stomach.