Surprised after this upturned change in BB Ultimate – Do you know who has been evicted??

Bigg Boss
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The show goes off well for Seven weeks after the launch of Big Boss Ultimate in Tamil, it has been a great success. All contestants in the show are playing in a full tilt. The show is being aired in Tamil on Disney Hotstar. The show is aired 24 hours a day on Disney Hotstar’s, not like the TV show. It features contestants from season 1 to 5 of Big Boss.

Since the beginning of the Big Boss Ultimate show, the rivals have been playing violently, brawling and attacking each other terribly. So far in the show, Suja Varuni, Sharik, Abhinay, Dadi Balaji have been evicted and Vanitha herself left the show. This was followed by the departure of Snehan last week. Also, Suresh Chakravarty and KPY Satish, who were the first to leave the show, entered as wild card entries.

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Info about BB Ultimate:

Similarly, Kamal Haasan left the Bigg Boss Ultimate show due to the Vikram movie shoot. Simbu has been hosting for a few weeks now. Simbu’s hosting has been well received by the people. Ramya Pandian entered as a wild card entry last week. Currently, the show is on the way to a fussy state. Also, this week the contestants were given the task of incubating chicken eggs.

Egg task:

Thus, the contestants were divided into several teams. It is a well-known fact that fights, quarrels, and problems between the housemates were aroused. It was reported that Julie is in first place in this week’s poll. Julie’s name was badly damaged in the first season and she is currently playing well on the Ultimate show. She has been well received by the fans in this show.

Balaji in the BB promo:

Not only that but in today’s Big Boss promo video, Balaji Murugadoss is lauding Julie. He proudly says “you are not a bad girl to the extent that people scold you. That situation is currently changing”. Julie is in tears when Balaji says that, all those who insulted her will welcome her. This video is currently going viral on social media. It is also worth mentioning that Balaji helped Julie when she fainted during the show yesterday.

This week’s eviction:

This has created a good impression among the people about Julie. In this case, the information about the person who left the Big Boss show this week has been released. It has been reported that KPY Satish has left the show this week as everyone expected Julie to leave. Julie has been saved this week. Fans are currently commenting following the release of this information.