Bigg Boss expelled this contestant from the show after calling him to the confession room: video here.

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The information about Suresh Chakravarty who left the Bigg Boss Ultimate show has been viral on social media. The show goes off well for Seven weeks after the launch of Big Boss Ultimate in Tamil, it has been a great success. All contestants in the show are playing in a full tilt. Suresh Chakravarthy and Kpy Satish were the wild card entries. Simbu is now the host for the show after Kamal left the show.

Since the beginning of the Big Boss Ultimate show, the rivals have been playing violently, brawling and attacking each other terribly. Anita, Shruthi, Niroop, Thamarai, Julie, and Satish were the six nominees for this week’s nominations.

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This week’s eviction:

No one expected this. Anita’s name is constantly being damaged on the Big Boss Ultimate show. In many places, what she said is very popular among the fans. This is said to be the reason for his expulsion. In this situation, it has been reported that Suresh Chakraborty has abruptly left the Ultimate show. Suresh made his public debut on Bigg Boss Season 4. He played terribly on the show.

Bigg Boss Suresh:

Also, he played hard and engaged in everything regardless of his age. At the same time, Suresh’s grandfather is good at igniting others. He has also bought into the compulsive brawl that makes comedy. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that Anita and Suresh Chakraborty had similar problems. He then left the show shortly after. Since then he has been hosting cooking shows on the YouTube channel. Not only that but was also dancing in BB couples. Suresh was currently participating in the Ultimate show.

Suresh in Ultimate:

However, Suresh Chakraborty left early in the first week.  This came as a shock to many. Then again Suresh came in as a wild card entry. As usual, Suresh Chakraborty showed off his talent on the show. Even in the egg task, Suresh Chakraborty was playing awfully. Then there was an argument between Suresh Chakravarthy and Anita. It has been reported that Suresh Chakravarthy has suddenly left the show due to ill health.

Reason for leaving the show:

Bala played more than eight hours in the car task yesterday. It was only after that that Suresh fell ill. He already has a physical illness which made the condition worse. Then Big Boss also calls Suresh and tells him that he can leave the show as per the advice of his doctor and take care of his health. Then Suresh also left the show. He made good use of the second opportunity he had. Many are appreciating his sporting ability. Fans have commented sadly about him being out.