Bigg Boss Aug 27 Promo Video 1 – Kurum padam ready for Arav

Full Video attached below There was a controversy between Arav and bigg boss about the maruthuva mutham which he gave to the Oviya and it created the bigg...

Bigg Boss Aug 26 Promo Video 2 – Kamal’s investigation started

Full video attached below There is an investigation going in Bigg Boss home. In that Snehan and Suja are participating and Kajal is asking why Suja is acting...

Bigg Boss Aug 26 Promo video 1 – Kamal’s speech about contestants

Full video Attached Below This video is completely having the kamal speech. He talked about the crime done by contestants inside and the people who hide those. Click here...

Bigg Boss Aug 25 Promo Video 2 – Fight between Aarav and Ganesh getting...

Full video Attached below. It seems there is task for one on one. when it comes to Aarav and Ganesh its getting serious. Bigg Boss is announcing that...

Bigg Boss Aug 25 Promo Video 1 – Ganesh got killed

Full video Attached below. In Bigg boss there was a task to kill Ganesh and Ganesh got killed. So he should be out of the home for some...

Julie is Back again – kings of comedy ethan da sara vedi !

Full Video Below: Bigg Boss Fame Julie back in to Vijay TV's show Kings of Comedy. After the bitter eviction in Bigg Boss Show this is her first...

Julie is back again in Vijay TV

Full Video Below: Bigg Boss fame Julie back in vijay TV show again in Kings of comedy after her eviction from bigg boss show. She has been talking...

Bigg Boss Aug 24 Promo Video 2 – Vaiyapuri Trolling Suja

Full video attached below Suja complaining to Bigg Boss that everybody avoiding her and she is saying that she doesn't know what is happeing around her. At the...

Bigg Boss Aug 24 Promo Video 1 – Contestants beating each others

Full video attached below. There is a task to throw the ball to break the cup pyramid for that contestant are throwing the ball on each other and...

Bigg Boss Aug 23 Promo Video 2 – Kajal Started showing her real face

Full video attached below Bigg boss is giving some task during night time and Kajal is rejecting those task. Snehan saying that she is gaining negative publicity and...

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