Housemates Turn Against Meera Mithun.!

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The biggest entertainment show in Tamil, ‘Bigg Boss’ show has been kick-started on Sunday. Ulagan Kamal introduced the contestant to the audience with a grand opening day celebration. Some of the contestants are familiar and some of them are new to the screens.

The contestants had successfully completed day 1 in the Bigg Boss house and it has to mentioned that actress Vanitha has been elected as a leader for this week. As only one day Passed inside the Bigg Boss house we have entry Meera Mithun.

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We have seen yesterday that Abhirami and Sakshi look not happy for Meera Mithun entry. And they were telling that Meera Mithun has involved in so many fraudulent activities. And in a recent promo, some heated argument started between Meera Mithun and the other housemates.

There is no nomination for the eviction this week, announced by Kamal Hassan. The nomination will happen only in the coming week. To save contestants from the elimination the audience should vote them. To cast your vote, follow the link “Bigg Boss Vote Tamil” and find the guidelines. One person can have 10 votes, which can be also split among different nominated contestants. People can also vote with the missed call.