Inspiring Sudha Chandran, A world-class dancer despite physical limitations

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She demonstrated that disability is a state of mind. We came up with Sudha Chandran’s inspirational tale today. She overcame a physical impediment to become a professional dancer!

Kerala is the birthplace of Indian actress and classical dancer Sudha Chandran.

She had an accident when she was sixteen years old. As she and her parents were returning from Madras, a serious accident occurred, leaving Sudha Chandran with cuts and a fracture.

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Regretfully, the physicians pasted over a tiny incision on her ankle while they were treating her leg! Subsequently, she discovered that the gangrene was getting worse throughout her leg. When gangrene occurs in a body part, the patient’s life must be saved via amputation. Thus, she and her parents had to make the tough decision to “amputate the leg” at this moment. To preserve Sudha’s life, her leg had to be amputated.
Amputate refers to the surgical removal of a limb for therapeutic purposes.

Her goal was to compete internationally in the dance! People believed that she was no longer able to dance as a result of the accident.

She adhered to the maxim “NEVER GIVE UP.” She used all of her might and stamina to walk while using the crutches.

Dreams never fade.
She learned that Dr. Sethi of Jaipur was producing prosthetic legs known as the “Jaipur Foot” six months after the amputation. The thought of “Dancing on the stage with one artificial leg” gives her additional energy at this point. She has made an attempt to persuade her parents to travel to Jaipur and practice dancing while wearing an artificial foot. Sudha was aware that her ambition of dancing will be fulfilled by the artificial foot!
Thankfully, she was surrounded by supportive individuals, particularly her parents and Dr. Sethi. She had an artificial leg when she began the profession. Sudha was reincarnated by Dr. Sethi!

First Artificial Leg Performance on Stage
Sudha was aware that she could achieve her goals and that she had faith in herself. She danced for two years with the “Jaipur ” before taking the stage at Mumbai’s “South India Welfare Society.” Despite having an artificial leg, she did a great job performing on stage. Undoubtedly, the audience gave you a standing ovation. Her father has just tapped her on the feet in honor of a legendary musician!

Sudha Chandran is a professional dancer now! Based on her actual experiences, the Telugu biographical dance film Mayuri marked the beginning of her career. She has established herself as a skilled Bharatanatyam dancer and actress from India for both film and television.

Many people find inspiration in Sudha!
The most crucial lesson to take away from her life is to “NEVER GIVE UP.”