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Bigg Boss promo, for the day July 11 is released and in this promo, Vaishnavi is taking with other girls and Balaji about Daniel and Mumtaz. here is the video.

In the first scene of this promo, Vaishnavi saying that if Daniel is in some team then that team members are fighting heavily. Riythvika saying that they are promoting opposite team but we are not sure whom she mentioned.

In another scene, Yashika Anand saying that we all will think that everything is sorted out but they will not feel like that. We are not sure who Yashika is mentioning. There is a lot of suspense in this promo.

Balaji saying to the girls that if someone wants to win by irritating others then it is not a real game. Vaishnavi is saying that Mumtaz is the real reason for all the problem in the house.

In the same time, Mumtaz is saying “what”. Promo is actually edited in such a way. there are many sequences is this promo with a counter but they are edited scenes. Nice editing.

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