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Bigg Boss Tamil : Nomination Process In Bigg Boss House


Bigg Boss Tamil promo 1 for the day July 23 is released. In this video the said about nomination process and this time it was completely different. Here is the video.

We all know that nomination process will usually happen in confession room and contestants will go inside the confession room and nominate two people. But this time the nomination process is happening before everybody. Ponnambalam is nominating Daniel in infront of everybody and the reason he specified is he is very mischevious. Danie is asking what I did. Ponnambalam give replied that you are not the right person to ask this.

Daniel is nominating Vaishnavi. He said that still Vaishnavi is speaking behind everybody so he nominated him. Sendrayan nominating Mumtaz. He said that Mumtaz is always using hygein and targetting me so I’m nominagting her.

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