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Bigg Boss Promo 1 for the day July 7 is released. Since Kamal will be hosting the show on weekends, the promo for Saturday will be usually delayed. With certain time delay, here is the promo.

Kamal starting the promo with Tamil quote “Vaanathu vinmeen adharku vanthoondilitta vagayathu pol poonathai enni pulambukindranar”. This indirectly means that people in Bigg Boss house are getting worried about what they last in the life. I the background they have shown Daniel Annie Pope crying.

We all know that in yesterday episode they have sent to the love heart to their loved ones. In that time Daniel expressed his love with his dad. That crying image is displayed in the background.

After the first line, Kamal started saying that if one continuously cries by feeling what they lost then they won’t keep up what they are having. While Kamal saying this lines, Thadi Balaji and Nithya were shown in the background. Because in yesterday’s episode Nithya complained about Balaji indirectly and she cried a lot.

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