Kama Bigg Boss
Kama Bigg Boss
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It is been about a couple of weeks now since Bigg Boss Season 2 has started and the show has been started grabing eyeballs. The recent week show has been with full of chaos, there was a lot of fights during the task. The real characters are slowly started coming off. Yet lot more to come out in the coming week, but still this week there is an eviction.

Who will be eliminated this week?

The nominated contestants are Anand Vaithiyanathan, Mumtaj, Mamathi, and Ponambalam. Due to Super singer program which was telecasting in the same channel Anand Vaithyanathan is getting more support. Even though he is not much involved in the task due to age factor he would be saved.

Mumtaj was a well-known actress. He has mixed reviews from the Bigg Boss audience. But the majority of people has supported her. She is also getting more number of votes in Social Media polls, hence she would be saved.

The third nominated contestant is Ponambalam. He is a Villian actor who had been already wiping off his negative character shades He is the one who is getting viral in Social media. He has also started getting more supporters since from day one. He has also doing the right thing as an elder one in the house, in-spite of his age he is also admitting and bowing down to ask sorry to younger ones if he commit any mistakes or using fault languages. On considering the number of votes that he received in social media he would be saved.

Mamathi Chari was the last nominated contestants. She is also getting both positive and negative comments. But on looking into her number of Votes in Social media polls, she would be in danger zone.

On week special Kamalhasan has appeared on the stage. We have to wait for the bell to ring. It would be officially announced tomorrow.