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Bigg Boss Tamil : Mumtaz quitting the game

Bigg Boss Promo 3 for the day July 25 is released and in this video, Mumtaz is saying that it is very hard for her to play the game and she is she is quitting. Here is the video.

In the first scene of this promo, Mumtaz saying to Shariq that I want to put a tea but the opposite team is not allowing to do that due to the task. Shariq said that I will do that for your but Mumtaz said that I don’t want this task and she is saying that I will be quitting the task.

Ponnambalam and other opposite team members got anger by seeing the Mumtaz behavior. Shariq is saying that everybody is having adamant but they are controlling and adjusting with others so you should be like that only. Mumtaz saying that I know my pain so I don’t do it.

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