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Bigg Boss Tamil : Fight between Aishwarya and Ponnambalam

Bigg Boss promo video 1 for the day July 9 is released just now. In that video, there is a huge fight between Ponnambalam, Aishwarya and Yashika. Here is the video.

In yesterdays episode we have seen that Ananth Vaidyanathan put Ponnambalam in jail using his superpower just because of Ponamabalam words against Yashika, Aishwarya. Actor Kamal Hasan also supported for Ponnamabalam speech.

What he said was, Girl’s and Boy’s in Bigg Boss house should behave themselves and should not spoil the Tamil culture. Which makes Yasika and Aishwarya get angry. Ananth Vaidyanathan was also against the Ponnambalam statement. SO he put him into the Jail.

In today’s promo, Ponnambalam sitting in the jail, Aishwarya Dutta saying to him that I have not disturbed you, I was just talking with Shariq but why you said that I have disturbed you before Kamal sir. Ponnambalam replied that you have disturbed me. If you two were in some other bed then no problem for me but you two were in my bed and talking loudly.

Mumtaz entered into this conversation and what she said is, it is not bad to sit and some other bed and talk but in late night if you doing it then it is the mistake. Yashika Anand said that they were just talking but what you said before the camera is something different.

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