Bigg Boss Tamil : Mumtaz and Mamathi refusing to do task

Bigg Boss Tamil promo 3 for the day June 26 is released and in that video, Mumtaj and Mamathi are strictly saying that they won’t do certain tasks and they said that they won’t care if it affects something also. Here is the video of it.

In the first scene of the promo, Daniel Annie Pope is coming towards Mumtaz and Mamathi and saying that please don’t take anything as personal. It’s just a game. We are not sure what happened before that scene and why Daniel is saying that to Mumtaz and Mamathi.

After that Mumtaz saying to Daniel that if I was not comfort then I won’t do anything. I don’t care if it affects luxury budget too and I don’t care if my name goes of an elimination. Mamathi also saying the same thing.

After that Mahath asked what happen to Daniel. Daniel said that Mumtaz and Mamathi Chari were saying that if the task is related to the cinema then we can do or else we don’t do the task. Mahath got tensed and he said Mamathi only screwing up Mumtaz.

We all know that both Mamathi and Mumtaz are in nomination list this week. At this time if the public thinks that they are not behaving properly then it will create a problem for them. But we can decide anything by seeing promo alone. So we need to wait for today’s episode to know what exactly happened.

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