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Bigg Boss Tamil : Fight between Mahat and Nithya

Bigg Boss Promo 1 for the day June 29 is released just now. In that video, there is a big fight between Thadi Balaji’s wife Nithya and Mahat. Here we have the video of that.

We all know that server task got reversed and now Gents are doing the servant task. In this task, Balaji is doing cooking work. When Nithya came for eating Tiffen, there is a fight between Nithya and Balaji. Nithya saying that Balaji is not serving the Tiffen properly for her. She said that I’m not a dog and she put the food in a dustbin.

Mahat Raghavendra said to Nithya that there are many people who are not having a proper food. Why you are wasting the food. Nithya replied that you have wasted the food many time. Am I asked you about that and said that there is a limit for everything. Mahat said that don’t be angry with me.

We all know that yesterday Nithya was directly nominated for the next week eviction process since she male contestant decided that she did not perform her servant task proper. Now in this situation, most of the contestant in the Bigg Boss house is against her and we are not sure what people are thinking about her. Let’s wait and watch the show.

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