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Bigg Boss Tamil Prono 1 for the day July 10 is released and in that video, Yashika and Mahat were discussing Ponnambalam mater and Yasika’s eviction. Here is the video of that.

In the first scene of this promo, Shariq is saying to Mahat that Ponnambalam asked sorry to Aishwarya and everybody has seen that only. They have not seen the other things. Mahat saying to Yashika Anand that before Kamal sir we can’t talk much. We can only say sorry sir we will try to change us. That is the only thing we can say before Kamal sir. What else you are expecting.

Yashika saying to Mahat that leave your guilty feel and sadness. It’s just a game. Yesterday Mahat nominated Yashika that’s why Yasika is saying these words to Mahat. Next thing which Yasika saying is Ponnambalam mater will affect me and housemates supporting you will affect me. So definitely this week I will go out. Promo ends here. We need to wait till this weekend to know who is going to eliminate.

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