Prabhas returned 50 crores ? Radhe Shyam didn’t work?

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Radhe Shyam is a film directed by Radha Krishna and starring Prabhas. The film starred Pooja Hegde is paired with Prabhas. The film, which was released a few weeks ago after a long wait by the fans, has garnered rave reviews. And the collection of the film has been humongous.

Prabhas in Radhe Shyam:

UV Creations, which produced Prabhas’ ‘Saho’, also produced ‘Radhe Shyam’. ‘Radhe Shyam’ was released simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, and Malayalam on the 11th. The story of the film was set to combine time and love.
Prabhas, who played a time fingerprint expert in Radhe Shyam, played a fortune teller. Fans have been commenting that the film would have been better if it had focused on the model screenplay as well as on the making of the film.

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Also, it is said that although the story of this film is different it does not attract the fans does the film goes too slow. Thus, the film is said to have suffered the biggest setback in terms of collections. In this situation, it was reported that the producers of this film have lost more than 100 crore rupees.

Prabhas returned:

Therefore, it has been reported that actor Prabhas has returned Rs 50 crore to the producer out of the Rs 100 crore salary he bought for the film. Currently, this information has caused a great stir among the film industry. Not only that, but many Netizens are praising Prabhas’ act.

Big loss:

The film, which was shot at a huge cost, is expected to fetch Rs 138 crore. But 10 days after the release of the film, the film crew has claimed that it has lost over Rs 100 crore as it has collected only Rs 75 crore. It has been reported that Prabhas, who was paid Rs 100 crore for his role in the film, has returned Rs 50 crore to the producer.