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Bigg Boss Tamil final promo for the day July 10 is released. In that promo, they explained about police and thief task. few members are going to be a thief. Here is the video of that.

From the promo, we can clearly see that Daniel, Yashika Anand and Aishwarya are performing thief task. Mumtaz and Sendrayan are performing police task. In this task Ponnambalam suddenly dropped a cup of food and it got wasted.

Aishwarya saying that cup is a Bigg Boss property and food also wasted so it is not a proper way. Ponnambalam said that I will do like this only and he is going. In the previous promo, we have seen that there is a fight between Yasika and Mahat. So today’s episode will be really fun to see. Let’s wait and watch the show.

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