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Bigg Boss Tamil promo 2 for the day July 09 is released. In this promo video, Bigg is asking to nominate either Yashika or Aishwarya or Mahat. Here is the video of that.

We all know that there is a huge fight going in Bigg Boss house. Most of the Bigg fan’s are supporting Ponnambalam and few are supporting Yashika and Aishwarya. In this situation, Bigg Boss is asking Yashika Anand, Aishwarya and Mahat to nominate either one of them for their group.

Confusion is getting created in the confession room. Yashika is saying that I’m not going to nominate anyone. Aishwarya Dutta also saying the same. In this situation, Bigg Boss is strictly saying to nominate.

After that Yasika is nominating herself and Aishwarya also doing the same. Mahat is nominating Yasika. Finally, we are not sure who is going to nominate this week. After a few weeks, the Bigg Boss is now getting the pickup.

Already there is a fight between Ponnambalama and Aishwarya. Now there is a struggle between friend. So Bigg Boss will interesting this week for sure.

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