Oviya’s 90Ml New ‘First Night’ Sneak Peak Video.!

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Bigg Boss fame Oviya has been the talk of social media for the couple of weeks. The reason is her upcoming new movie 90ml. Oviya had a huge fan base but after seen the trailer of this film the same setof fans are now opposing Oviya for her upcoming film 90ML. Due to the vulgarity and double meaning dialogues.

Oviya fans are too upset with oviya after watching all the trailer and sneak peak video. But, still some of the fans are so eagar to watch the movie on big screen. Lets here the comment from the oviya army after the movie release. Before that take a look at the another video from the film.

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Director : Alagiya Asura
Casts : Oviya, Bommu, Masoom, Shree Gopika, Monisha, Anson Paul & Tej Raj
Producer : NVIZ Entertainment
Music Director : STR
Cinematography : Arvind Krishna (SICA)
Editor : Antony
Art : Purusothaman
Stunt : Miracle Micheal
Choreography : Brinda, Kalyan, Sandy, Poppy
Costume : Jules & Sonia