Oscar 2022: ‘Don’t say my wife’s name!’ Will Smith slapped Chris Rock!

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The Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles, USA has started with a bang. The controversy on the stage of the ceremony is currently going viral. Chris Rock is America’s most famous stand-up comedian. Chris Rock, who was invited to present the Best Documentary Award, began to speak with a focus on the celebrities seated on stage. Chris’s joke about Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith in between speeches is not to be admired.

Chris Rock’s joke:

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GI Jane – The look of a female military veteran in a Hollywood movie is designed to be hairless. Will Smith’s wife Zada ​​suffers from alopecia. Thus, she faced increasing hair loss. Chris Rock’s comparison of both has angered Will Smith.

Will Smith goes on stage and attacks Chris when he tells him that Jada GI Jane looks like he’s waiting for Part 2. The episode was muted on American television. But what they said on the foreign broadcast was not cut.

Will Smith got Angry;

In it, Will Smith appears to have struck out and shouted twice, “Don’t say my wife’s name out of your mouth.” Chris tries to tell it as a ‘GI Jane’ joke. Trying to convince Will Smith during the ad break. The video is taken by the audience spotting Will Smith, who sheds tears during the break.


Over the next half hour, Will Smith returns to the stage and receives his Best Actor award. The award was given to Will Smith for his role in ‘King Richard’ as the father of Serena and Venus Williams. Will Smith apologized to everyone at the ceremony, saying, “This is a beautiful moment. Art reflects life. I portray myself as a crazy father, like Richard Williams. Love makes you do crazy things.” said. There have been various comments on this event. A tweet on behalf of the Oscar organization responded to the event, saying, “The academy does not condone violence in any form.” It is followed by lines such as ‘Let’s celebrate this festival with joy today.