Mukesh Ambani owns India’s most EXPENSIVE Rolls Royce Cullinan with a VIP numberplate.

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Mukesh Ambani who wears the crown of second richest man of India has an exquisite garage with numerous imported cars. Most of the cars in the Ambani garage are CBU units including several Rolls Royce. According to new reports, Ambani has added one more Rolls Royce Cullinan to his garage adding one to the other three. This one, however, is reported as the most expensive car in India

According to PTI, Mukesh Ambani’s latest Rolls Royce Cullinan costs Rs 13.14 crore. RTO has reported to PTI that this is the most expensive car in India ever. Ambani has reportedly registered the Cullinan on 31st January.

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Expensive Rolls Royce :

The Cullinan costs Rs 6.58 crore but Rolls Royce offers hundreds of customization options. Many Ambani cars are customized which attracts a lot of additional money over the base price of the car.This may increase the prce of the car.The latest Cullinan is likely to get a lot of these customisation options that have made the car so expensive.

The same report also claims that the shade to be of Tuscan Sun. While the car is yet to be spotted on the roads, the Tuscan Sun is not available as a standard colour choice in the British Luxury Car makers protocol. It is an optional paint job that comes with a price tag of Rs USD 300,000 or about Rs 2.23 crore. Yes, this is only for the colour option.

As it is a bespoke colour, we could find only one resembled  car in this particular colour which the manufacturer delivered to a client in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

VIP number:

The new Cullinan gets a “0001” registration number. While it usually costs Rs 4 lakh for the VIP number, according to the RTO, they chose the number from a new series as all the numbers from the current series were taken. That is why RTO charged Rs 12 lakh for the registration number alone. RTO signed with written permission from the Transport Commissioner, the new series can be started without exhausting the previous series. However, the RTO charges three times compared to the standard registration cost.

The report further claims that Rs 20 lakh is paid as one-time tax and the registration is valid till Rs 20 lakh. Additional Rs 40,000 is paid as the road safety tax.

several Rolls Royce models in the Ambani garage

There are several Rolls Royce models in the Ambani garage. Starting with the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, they also own three Rolls Royce Cullinan and a latest-generation Phantom Extended Wheelbase, which also costs around Rs 13 crore.

While media reports claim that the new car is for Mukesh Ambani himself, it cannot be true. He only travels in bulletproof cars for security reasons and unless the Rolls Royce is bulletproof, be assured that he will not travel in it.

Ambani recently upgraded his own bulletproof car though. He bought the two similar specced Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard bulletproof cars for himself and uses them regularly. The cost of these cars remains unknown as it depends on the customisation level.