Corona turning life around: Entrepreneur selling buses for scrap metal

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The world is being ravaged by the coronavirus. Thus, while the casualties are numerous, it is no exaggeration to say that those who lost their livelihoods are on par with it.

Roy tourism:

In Kerala, many people were affected by the curfew and restrictions imposed due to Corona. It was headquartered in Kochi and was run by a private bus transport company called Roy Tourism. Its owner is Royson Joseph. A total of 20 tourist buses were operating for him. Affected by corona restrictions, Royson Joseph sold 10 of his buses at a low price. However, the bank was unable to repay the loan.

At this point, Royson Joseph decided to sell the remaining 10 buses and talked to many people about it. But no one came before to buy the bus. At this point, he posted a text message on his Facebook page. In it, he stated that he was ‘ready to sell his 10 buses for Rs. 45 per kg, i.e. scrap iron’. The announcement has caused a great stir in Kerala.

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The Association of Contractor Garage Operators has announced that this announcement reflects the plight of private bus owners.

Royson Joseph told reporters: –

I have been forced to sell 10 out of 20 buses in the last 10 years due to the strict restrictions imposed following the Corona spread. Last week only 3 buses were booked to go to Munnar for 4 days. Traffic congestion is usually heaviest in February on all three routes. But now this route is deserted. I have already sold 10 buses to pay off the debt. The economic situation is still bad. I am ready to sell the remaining buses at Rs. 45 per kg for scrap iron. Reluctant to commit suicide. Many tourism operators have been forced to commit suicide.

Thus, he said.

Life has not been sweet always for someone happy. Everything except your self-confidence is temporary!!