Bigg Boss Tamil : karthi Troll Bigg Boss Housemates

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Bigg Boss Tamil Promo 2 for the day July 13 is released. In this video, housemates were asking few things to Karthika and he is responding for that. Here is the video.

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In the first scene of this promo, Daniel Annie Pope is asking to Karthik that how the showing is going. Karthik replied that everybody is saying that you all were acting here. Daniel saying that we are not acting and it our real face. If they are expecting more then we all need to ill our self.

In the next scene, Karthik is going into the bedroom and said why the bedrooms are so nasty. People are watching you that how you are living here so please be clean in the house. Mumtaz saying that this house is somewhat dirty so please excuse us. For that Karthik said that we can’t give an excuse for this.

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