Bigg Boss Tamil : Girls cornering Nithya

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Bigg Boss Promo 3 for the day June 28 is released just now. In this video, most of the lady contestants were cornering Nithya and she is crying for that. Here is the video of that.

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In this promo, Aishwarya is saying that Nithya is the root cause of all the problem in Bigg Boss house. Vaishanavi saying that if she is having a personal problem then she should not make it as public. Yashika saying that everybody here is trying to create a problem.

Nithya complaining about this to Mumtaz that everybody is targetting a single problem. Mumtaz replied for that, I won’t leave this matter. Nithya said that I can easily see that what is happening in this house and I’m not a fool. Mumtaz advising to Nithya If you are right and if the entire world is against you also you should not give up.

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