“Don’t drag such relationships”: Poonam Pandey divulges that Sam would beat her like a dog.

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Actor cum model Poonam Pandey made heart-throbbing disclosure in the latest episode of “Lock Upp”. In the latest episode, the contestants were asked to discuss mental health and emotional wellbeing. Poonam in it shared her ordeal with domestic violence imposed on her by her husband Sam Bombay. Poonam Pandey got married to Sam Bombay in September 2020. She filed a domestic violence case against him just weeks after their marriage.

She said that he ‘he beat her like a dog’ and the constant abuse made her suicidal.

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Poonam’s grief:

In a session of Lock Upp, Poonam said “This jail, the food, my sleep, it is luxury for me. I was in a relationship for four years and those four years of my life, I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I would not eat for days, that’s why I crave Vada pav. I would get beaten up. I would get locked in one of my bedrooms. My phone was broken so I couldn’t make any calls. And the next time I would just feel that I should kill myself. I’ve tried to kill myself multiple times. Kutte ki tarah maarta hai na, kutte ki tarah (He would beat me up like a dog),”

Suicidal thoughts:

She also opened up about misery from insensitive and dispirited comments after photos of her in hospital bed post-suffering violence went viral. People would say mean things like she deserved it. She said, “Mai Zinda hu ye bahut Badi Baat hai mere liye, main aaplog Ke Saath baithi hu ye Badi Baat hai mere liye (It’s a big deal for me that I am alive today and sitting here with all of you.) But I’m proud of the fact that I’m out of it.”

Poonam’s appeal:

Poonam appealed to anybody facing a similar situation to speak up.  “All the women and men because they also go through it, I would like to tell them all that please leave it, don’t drag such relationships. Life is very precious please respect it,” she said.

It is not about women or men, one need not think much to get rid of any toxicity and this life is not to go through such shits but to pursue love and enjoy the exquisiteness around us.