Nani Hosting Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2
Nani Hosting Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2
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Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 was quite successful in Telugu audience, which made a grand opening to Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2. The curiosity and surprise got increased for season 2 right from the promo video. The Season 1 host JR NTR was replaced and roped in another Tollywood star Nani as the host in season 2.

Nani Bigg Boss Telugu
Nani Hosting Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote (Online Poll) – Season 2

Amidst high expectations and anticipations, Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 premiere hosted by Nani was begun on 10th June 2018. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 has 16 contestants includes celebrities and commoners. The voice of the Bigg Boss is an added power to the reality show. Let see detailed information about Star maa Bigg boss Telugu online voting, Bigg Boss 2 contestant list and details, Bigg Boss season 2 elimination details and the result.

Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote Telugu Voting Poll

The rules would be same as the season 1 and the contestant can nominate other contestants for an elimination and top 4 contestants would participate in the eviction process, whereas viewers can vote and save their favorite contestant. To start voting Viewers has to do Google search “Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote” and cast their votes to their favorite housemates.

Kaushal is the Title winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2.

Bigg Boss Telegu Season 2 Elimination Details

Based on the number of votes the eviction process begins in the weekend in front of the show host. The person who gets least votes from the audience will be evicted from the show. The reality show is all about who impress the viewers, only viewers can save the nominated contestant.

 House CaptainNominationsIn JailExits
Week 1No CaptainDeepthi Sunaina, Ganesh, Kireeti Damaraju, Kaushal, Nutan Naidu, Sanjana AnneSanjana Anne (For 2 Days)
Nutan Naidu (For 15 Hours)
Sanjana Anne
Week 2Samrat Reddy
Deepthi Sunaina, Ganesh, Babu Gogineni, Kaushal & Nutan NaiduNutan Naidu for 20 hours
Deepti Nallamothu for 20 hours
Nutan Naidu
Week 3Amit TiwariGanesh, Kireeti Damaraju, Geetha Madhuri, Bhanu Sree, Tejaswi MadivadaTanish Alladi
Babu Gogineni
Kireeti Damaraju
Week 4KaushalDeepti Nallamothu, Ganesh and Bhanu SreeBhanu SreeBhanu Sree
Week 5Geetha MadhuriDeepti, Roll, Samrat Reddy, Tejaswi and TanishTejaswi
Week 6TanishKaushal, Amit Tiwari, Deepthi Sunaina, Ganesh, Nandini & Babu Gogineni
Week 7Kaushal, Amit Tiwari, Deepthi Sunaina, Ganesh, Nandini & Babu GogineniNoneNo Eviction
Week 8 Geetha MadhuriKaushal, Babu
Nandini, Ganesh, Deepti and Nallamothu
Nandini RaiGeeta Madhuri and Ganesh
Week 9Pooja RamachandranBabu, Ganesh, Geetha, Syamala, Deepti &
Week 10TanishPooja Ramachandran, Geetha Madhuri, Roll Rida, Nutan, Syamala & Deepthi SunainaDeepthi Sunaina
Week 11Roll RidaPooja Ramachandran
Week 12Deepti NallamothuKaushal, Samrat, Nutan Naidu, Amit Tiwari & GaneshGanesh & Nutan
Week 13No CaptainSamrat, Kaushal, Deepti Nallamothu, Amit Tiwari & Syamala
Week 14Kaushal, Deepti Nallamothu, Amit Tiwari and SyamalaSyamala
Week 15Kaushal, Amit Tiwari, Geetha Madhuri, Roll Rida, Deepti NallamothuAmit TiwariAmit Tiwari

Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting Methods

Bigg Boss Telugu is a reality television program. Day 1 of the week inmates will be asked to nominate 2 other housemates individually in the confession room for the eviction process. The housemates who get the maximum number of votes will be forwarded to eviction process. Now, the audience can vote for their favorite nominated contestant. The audience can vote from Monday to Friday 10:30 PM, they have 50 votes per day where they can even spit it to the different contestants.

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How to Vote for Bigg Boss Telugu?

Find below the step by step process for Bigg Boss Online Voting in Telugu Season2.

    1. An audience should first login to their Gmail account to begin the voting process.

      Bigg Boss Vote Telegu - Step1
      Bigg Boss Vote Telegu – Step1 (Signin To Gmail)
    2. An audience needs to do a Google search using these keywords “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote”  or ”Bigg Boss Telugu Voting” Otherwise Click Here directly. You will see like the image below.

      Bigg Boss-Vote Telegu Step 2
      Bigg Boss-Vote Telegu Step 2 (After Logged in)
    3. You will see the list of the nominated contestant. Per-user can cast the maximum of 50 number of votes per day. You will get the slider to choose the number of votes.

      Bigg Boss Vote Telegu step 3
      Bigg Boss Vote Telegu step 3(Casting Vote)
    4. Viewers can also split the 50 votes to as many contestants as they wish.

      Bigg Boss Vote Telegu Step 4
      Bigg Boss Vote Telegu Step 4(Splitting votes)
    5. The final step is to click the vote button. Once you clicked the button you will receive the confirmation message.

      Bigg Boss Vote Telegu step 5
      Bigg Boss Vote Telegu step 5(Final Step)

How to Vote for Bigg Boss Telugu Using Missed call?

Another option to vote in Bigg Boss Telugu is through the missed call from mobile phone. Each nominated contestant will get the 10 digits mobile number as displayed below. The viewers can save their favorite contestant by giving missed to the given number. The maximum of 10 missed calls per number will be considered as voting in a week, more than that will not be considered for the voting process.

The numbers will also be displayed on the Television during the program. Viewers can also find their favorite contestant on our website below.

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant NameMissed Call Numbers
Sanjana Anne7729998814
Deepti Nallamothu 7729998812
Deepthi Sunaina 7729998812
Kaushal Manda 7729998817
Nutan Naidu7729998809
RJ Ganesh7729998803
Nandini RaiNot Yet Nominated
Amit Tiwari7729998813
Samrat Reddy7729998815
Bhanu Sri 7729998804
Kireeti Damaraju 7729998816
Geetha Madhuri 7729998801
Babu Gogineni 7729998805
Tanish 7729998801
Roll Rida 7729998807
Anchor Shyamala7729998802
Tejaswi Madivada7729998806

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Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Contestant Lists & Details

Geetha Madhuri

She is the most prominent playback singer in south India. She is also a dubbing artist who did dub to big Tollywood actress. The singer has superhits such as “Pakka Localo” (Janatha Garage) composed by Devi Sri Prasad, “Darlingey” (Mirchi), “Top Lesipoddi” (Iddarammayilatho) and many others to her credit. She is the first contestant who entered into the Bigg Boss House (Telegu) Season2.

Geetha Madhuri | Bigg Boss Telegu Vote
Geetha Madhuri | Bigg Boss Telegu Vote

Amit Tiwari

The Most notorious Villian in Tollywood industry. He is also acted in Tamil and Kannada Movies.He himself admitted in the show that people are scared on seeing him because of his negative role in the movies and he wants to get that wiped off. Would the negative shades go off from him after this reality show? Let see and he is the second contestant to be entered into the Bigg Boss House (Telugu) Season 2.

Amit Tiwari | Bigg Boss Vote Telugu
Amit Tiwari | Bigg Boss Vote Telugu

Deepti Nallamothu

Deepi is TV9 News Channel Anchor/Reporter for many years. Deepti is a most familiar among the Telugu audience. She is the 3rd contestant who entered into the Bigg Boss House (Telugu) Season 2.

Deepti Nallamothu | Bigg-Boss-Telugu
Deepti Nallamothu | Bigg-Boss Vote Telugu


Tanish is also a well-known actor in Tollywood industry. He was acting from his childhood who appeared as the child artist in so many super hit movies. Tanish became as a hero now. Even Nani says him that small fellow is getting in to the big house and he is the fourth contestant on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2.

Tanish With Nani in Bigg Boss Telugu
Tanish With Nani in Bigg Boss Telugu

Babu Gogineni

He is a social activist who is the founder of South Asian Humanist Association and Indian Humanists. He is the controversial person who appears in Television debate shows. He is an equal number of fans and haters, that is why he said to Nani that he already won because you have invited me to the show. He is the fifth contestant on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2

Babu Gogineni with Nani in Bigg Boss Telugu
Babu Gogineni with Nani in Bigg Boss Telugu

Bhanushree Mehra

She is the Bigg Boss Telegu Housemate #6. She was introduced as Bahuballi’s Avantika by Nani, also he revealed that she was Tamana’s body double in the Baahubali films. She has also performed so many roles in Telugu Movies.

Roll Rida

He is the rapper, also known face among Telugu people. Kirana Rap was one of the most viral videos in Social media which were done by him and he is the seventh contestant in Bigg Boss House.

Roll Ridai with Nani in Bigg Boss Telugu
Roll Ridai with Nani in Bigg Boss Telugu

Anchor Shyamala

Shyamala is Television presenter who appears in Telegu Television channels. She has been presenting many numbers of television shows. She is married and having 2 kids. She said that she got this opportunity via phone call and her husband Ishan supported her to participate in the show. Shyamala is the eighth contestant in Bigg Boss House.

Shyamala Bigg Boss Telugu
Shyamala with Nani in Bigg Boss Telugu

Kireeti Damaraju

Kireeti Damaraju, is a Telegu film actor. He started his carrier in Short films and most those short films went viral which helped him to grab an opportunity in feature films. He debuted in “Uyyala Jampala”. He has also acted along with Nani and he is the ninth contestant in the Bigg Boss Telugu season 2.

Kireeti With Nani in Bigg Boss Telugu
Kireeti With Nani in Bigg Boss Telugu

Deepthi Sunaiana

Deepthi Sunaiana, is very much famous for her dubsmash videos, her Instagram followers were shown fabulous response for all her videos. That is why Nani introduced her as Instagram star. She is a social media celebrity and the youngest one in the Bigg Boss house now. She is the 10th contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu season 2.

Deepthi Sunaiana Hugged Nani in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2
Deepthi Sunaiana Hugged Nani in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2

Kaushal Manda

Kaushal Manda is the housemate #11 in Bigg Boss Telegu.  He is the model, Television actors and also appeared in so many commercial ads. He is also workout freak, who wants to keep fits. That is why Nainterrogatinging him about the food and exercises in Bigg Boss House.

Kaushal in Bigg Boss Telugu
Kaushal in Bigg Boss Telugu

Tejaswi Madivada

She is model and Actress who appears in Telugu and Tamil Movies. She is well known for her dance performance. After Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu movie she became the notable actress in Telugu industry. Tejaswi Madivada is the 12th contestant in Bigg Boss Season 2.

Tejaswi Madivada in Bigg Boss Telugu

Samrat Reddy

Samrat Reddy is a Telugu feature film actor who did is debut in Panchakshari Movie. He has also done an important role in Malini &co and W/O Ram movies. He is also one of the celebrity contestants in Bigg Boss house and he is the contestant number thirteen in Bigg Boss Telegu.

Samrat Reddy in Bigg Boss Telugu
Samrat Reddy in Bigg Boss Telugu

RJ Ganesh

RJ Ganesh is the contestant #14 and he is the Radio Jockey by his profession from Vijayavada, also he is the first commoner who entered into the Bigg Boss house.

Rj Ganesh in Bigg-Boss
Rj Ganesh in Bigg-Boss

Sanjana Anne

Sanjana Anne, is a model by profession. She started her modeling in 2016 also she is the Miss. Hyderabad in 2016. She is inspired by Aishwarya roi to do modeling. And she is the one who entered as the commoner in Bigg Boss house and 15th contestant in Bigg Boss Telegu.

Sanjana Anne Bigg Boss Telugu
Sanjana Anne Bigg Boss Telugu

Nutan Naidu

Nutan Naidu is the final contestant, he is a young and active social worker, that is why he appeared in Khakhi dress. He is also another commoner in the Bigg Boss house.

Nutan Naidu Bigg Boss Telugu
Nutan Naidu Bigg Boss Telugu

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Bigg Boss Telugu Daily Update

Day 1: All contestants were introduced and sent to Bigg Boss House by Nani. And in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 there is new concept introduced that is Jail Setup. And each inmate should nominate 2 contestants and the top 2 contestants who receive more votes would be locked up behind the bars. Sanjana Anne and Nutan Naidu were the 2 contestants who were been locked up in jail.

Day 2: Bigg Boss gave an option to release one of the contestant based on inmates opinion and Nutan Naidu received the maximum number of votes just because he was standing all the time jail whereas Sanjana fully occupied the bed. And Nomination for the eviction process begins, Deepthi sunaina, Kaushal Manda, Ganesh, Kireeti and Nutan Naidu were received the highest number of votes.

Day 3: Sanjana was released from the jail, Bigg Boss divided the 16 housemates into 2 groups and Sanjana got a chance to choose the members of her group and she is the head of the group and that group is called boss group whereas another group is called servant group and Kreeti was the head of the group.

Day 4: The Boss Team were not happy about their team head, whereas servant team is very much united. Sanjana and Koushal has organized the Fashion Show in the manner that men from servant team has to dress up like woman and women have to dress up like a man. The servant team impressed the boss team.

Day 5: Drama is getting heated up, almost 4 contestants cried in this episode. Nutan Naidu was cornered by other contestants. Kreeti started showing his own face. Banu Shree looks plain and bold from ladies team. Amit and Roll Raida were getting a large number of support from both in-house and audience.

Day 6: Naani is back to the show in the weekend. And he has protected the contestant based on public votes from the eviction process. Deepthi Sunaina was the one who received the most number of votes and protected. The next one was Kreeti who was also protected from the eviction.

Day 7: Father day was celebrated in Bigg Boss House. RJ Ganesh and Koushal were also protected. Sanjana were the one who recieved least number of votes and she got evicted. Sanjana was the first contestant who evicted from Bigg Boss Telegu season 2.