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Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Season one and were was quite successful in Telugu audience. And it is one of the super hit reality show in South India. The curiosity and surprise got increased for Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 right from the promo video. The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 wast host by JR NTR and then he was replaced and roped in another Tollywood star Nani as the host in season 2. And for the surprise in Bigg Boss Telugu 3, it is going to host by Nagarjuna.

Nagarjuna hosting Bigg Boss Telugu 3
Nagarjuna hosting Bigg Boss Telugu 3

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote (Online Poll) – Season 3

The upcoming third edition of the show will have a new look and feel and the logo along with the title track says it all. The show is most likely to launch on July 21, 2019. The Bigg Boss house constructed in Annapurna 7 acres shall host 16 contestants for 100 days.

Unlike the previous season, fans cannot expect commoners as contestants in the show this time. Nagarjuna, in the recently released teaser, can be spotted stating that 14 contestants shall participate. This added weight to the rumors as well. Nagarjuna is rumored to be charging around Rs. 12 lakhs per episode, reports suggest. Nagarjuna was criticized for signing Bigg Boss Telugu 3 as he had earlier commented that ‘Bigg Boss is voyeuristic’.

Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote Telugu Voting Poll

The rules would be same as the season 1 and 2 and the contestant can nominate other contestants for elimination and top 4 contestants would participate in the eviction process, whereas viewers can vote and save their favorite contestant. To start voting Viewers has to do Google search “Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote” and cast their votes to their favorite housemates.

Kaushal is the Title winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2.

Bigg Boss Telegu Season 3 Elimination Details

Based on the number of votes the eviction process begins in the weekend in front of the show host. The person who gets the least votes from the audience will be evicted from the show. The reality show is all about who impress the viewers, only viewers can save the nominated contestant.

Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting Methods

Bigg Boss Telugu is a reality television program. Day 1 of the week inmates will be asked to nominate 2 other housemates individually in the confession room for the eviction process. The housemates who get the maximum number of votes will be forwarded to the eviction process. Now, the audience can vote for their favorite nominated contestant. The audience can vote from Monday to Friday at 10:30 PM, they have 50 votes per day where they can even spit it to the different contestants.

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How to Vote for Bigg Boss Telugu?

Find below the step by step process for Bigg Boss Online Voting in Telugu Season2.

  1. An audience should first login to their Gmail account to begin the voting process.
Bigg Boss Vote Telegu - Step1
Bigg Boss Vote Telegu – Step1 (Signin To Gmail)
  • An audience needs to do a Google search using these keywords “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote”  or ”Bigg Boss Telugu Voting” Otherwise Click Here directly. You will see like the image below.
  • Bigg Boss-Vote Telegu Step 2
    Bigg Boss-Vote Telegu Step 2 (After Logged in)
  • You will see the list of the nominated contestant. Per-user can cast the maximum of 50 number of votes per day. You will get the slider to choose the number of votes.
  • Bigg Boss Vote Telegu step 3
    Bigg Boss Vote Telegu step 3(Casting Vote)
  • Viewers can also split the 50 votes to as many contestants as they wish.
  • Bigg Boss Vote Telegu Step 4
    Bigg Boss Vote Telegu Step 4(Splitting votes)
  • The final step is to click the vote button. Once you clicked the button you will receive the confirmation message.
  • Bigg Boss Vote Telegu step 5
    Bigg Boss Vote Telegu step 5(Final Step)

    How to Vote for Bigg Boss Telugu Using Missed call?

    Another option to vote in Bigg Boss Telugu is through the missed call from a mobile phone. Each nominated contestant will get the 10 digits mobile number as displayed below. The viewers can save their favorite contestant by giving missed to the given number. The maximum of 10 missed calls per number will be considered as voting in a week, more than that will not be considered for the voting process.

    The numbers will also be displayed on the Television during the program. Viewers can also find their favorite contestant on our website below.

    Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Contestant Lists & Details

    Contestants NameProfessionStatus
    Baba Bhaskar Choreographer In House
    Jaffar BabuJournalist  In House
    Punarnavi Bhoopalam Actress In House
    Mahesh Vitta Actor In House
    Varun Sandesh Actor In House
    Ashu Reddy ActressIn House
    Sreemukhi ActressIn House
    Hema ActressIn House
    Ali RezaActor
    Ravi Krishna Actor In House
    Himaja Reddy Actress In House
    Rohini Noni Actress In House
    Rahul Sipligunj MusicianIn House
    Savitri Anchor and News ReaderIn House

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