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Bigg Boss Tamil Promo 3 for the day June 3 is released. In this video, they have shown one luxury budget task. This task is about filling the water in the bucket. Here is the video.

In this video, Daniel Annie pope is reading the letter from Bigg Boss. What he reading is, need to take a bowl of water from swimming pool and pass it to another person without moving need to pass the water to 3rd person and the 3rd person needs to pour it into the bucket without moving. The team which is filling the bucket first is the winner.

In this task, from team one Nithya is taking the water from swimming pool and she is passing it to Sendrayan. Sendaryan is passing it to Yashika Anand and she is filling it in the bucket. In the same manner in Team Daniel is taking the water from swimming pool and he is passing it to Mahat and Mahat is passing it to Mumtaz and she is filing it in the bucket.

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