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Bigg Boss Promo video 1 for June 20 is released. In that video there is a fight between Nithya and Thadi Balaji starts. Thadi Balaji is asking that onion should be there in poriyal and Nithya refusing it.

Mumtaz (cooking team captain) asking Nithya to add onion. But Nithya refusing to add onion. Mumtaz saying that if you do like this then everybody will get suffer. If your not adding onion for your personal reason then it is not good. The scene cuts here and after that Thadi Balaji saying to some one that what is problem of adding onion. Daniel coming infornt of camera and saying to Bigg Boss there is a fight in house so there won’t be proper dinner today. So please buy a dinner for me and I will pay for that when i come out from Bigg Boss house. Here the promo ends. Lets wait and watching what will happen today.

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