Mumtaz Bigg boss
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Bigg Boss Tamil promo video 2 for june 20 is released. In that Video there is big fight going on between Mumtaz and Nithya(Thadi Balaji Wife). In the first promo itself we have seen some some fight between them. Now it increases.

Here is the official promo video published by Vijay Television.

Mumtaj is the cooking team captain for the first week. Mumtaz is complaining about something about cooking in front of all contestants and Janani Iyer is interrupting her. It looks like the actual fight was between Nithya and Mumtaj and Mumtaj was telling that “I am not a bloody Robot”. Mumtaj was not happy about Janani’s interruption.

At the end of the promo video, Nithya is asking the cooking team about shall we discuss about what are we going to cook tomorrow? And Mumtaz looks completely unhappy and said that “I’m done and ask your captain”.

We have no clear evidence what actually happened but it looks like there was a misunderstanding going in the cooking team. We need to stay tuned today night to have the complete details about the show.

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