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Bigg Boss Tamil : Fight between Mumtaz and Mahat

Bigg Boss Promo 1 for the day June 3 is released and in that video, there is a fight between Mumtaz and Mahat. Mahat was talking between task and it created a problem. Here is the video.

This week luxury budget task starts. There are two cans of water and there are two teams. there is an open outlet in both the can. Team members should not allow water to flow out with the help of their hands.

We are assuming that Yashika Anand and Mahat raghavendra are on the different team, so Yashika Anand is asking Mahat to leave the water. Mahat replying to Yashika that if she gives one kiss then can remove his hands so water comes out from the can.

Mumtaz is watching all these and she warning Mahat not to speak like this. Mahat said that he simply talked and if he said that if you see like this then nobody will talk with each other.

Mahat saying to other contest is what Mumtaz saying is completely wrong. If I don’t want to speak with other then it is a stupid idea or gameplay. Check “Bigg Boss Vote Tamil” link to vote and save your Favorite contestant

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