Bigg Boss: Nithya is cornered by all other Contestants

The drama is slowly getting heated up. All the housemates except Sendrayan were going against Nithya. The recent promo was uploaded in Vijay Television’s Social handler.

Check the recent promo video below.

Sendrayan is the only contestants who are talking in favor of Nithya. All other contestants including Balaji who is the husband of Nithya were also against her. The Cooking team captain Mumtaj was saying to Mahat that, she never wants to be in the team with Nithya in coming weeks and adding that she is not a team player.

Mumtaj was also discussing this issue with Dhadi Balaji and he was telling that Nithya would lose her respect if she continues on behaving in this manner. Also, Sendraya was the one who is supporting Nithya and he wants Nithya and Balaji to happy. He is also telling to Balaji that someone is screwing you (Mumtaj) be careful with them.

There was also a luxury budget task assigned to all sixteen contestants and task looks so funny. Few contestants were not taking the task in a serious note and Bigg Boss warned them also results in they lost some valuable points.

Yashika After Onion cutting Task
Yashika After Onion cutting Task

In the other hand Mumtaj, Dannial and Yashika Anand performed so well and Bigg Boss add 300 Bonus units to the budget.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 – The biggest reality show in Tamilnadu. Ulaga Nayangan Kamalhasan is back again to host the show in season 2. As like in season 2 Kamalhasan would use this show in a better way for his political carrier. Bigg Boss season one was a huge success for Vijay television. Hope Bigg boss season 2 will be the same.

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