“I won’t have a baby” Bigg boss’s top 5 contestant shocks everyone.

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The reality shows on small screens have a good reach among the public. In that sense, Bigg boss garnered popularity all over the world. It has been aired for 5 years hosted by Kamal Haasan. This year Bigg boss season 5 had a rousing start in October. This time 18 contestants were fielded in the show early on.

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This time female contestants were more than the male ones including transgender Namita Marimuthu. Raju, Niroop, Priyanka, Pavani, and Amir were the finalists. Niroop was the second direct finalist.

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New to the audience:

This season was a maximum of new people including Niroop Nandhakumar. He is a businessman owning an automation company in Bangalore. He also runs Cloud kitchen in Chennai. He aims to act in the movies but he was rejected due to his height in the auditions.

Yashika – Niroop love: 

He participated in Bigg Boss Tamil to enter the cinema and this chance was through Yashika who was his good friend for years. After her recovery, she came out for the first time to meet Niroop.  But there was a talk that they both love each other.

watch video at 9:40 minutes

Niroop’s shocking reason:

Niroop confirms their love but he clears that they were broke up because they didn’t find that working and it was mutual. They are good friends now and for no other reason. In his recent interview, he said that he will not have a baby even if he gets married.

“I will adopt a child”

He said “ I have no intention of getting married now and even I got married, I will not have a baby. I will adopt children instead who long for the love of a mom and dad. They are longing for the same love for what we long. so I will adopt them and my future wife must accept this.”                          This is absolutely great!!