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Bigg Boss promo video 3 for the day June 6 is released. In this video, Aishwarya is arguing with Balaji and other teammates and she is crying. Here is the video.

In the first scene of the promo, Balaji saying to everybody if everybody treats Aishwarya Dutta as a child and now if you advise her then she will definitely get angry. for that Aishwarya is replying that she is not a baby. If someone does wrong with her then she said she needs to stand up for her self.

After this Aishwarya is crying. Daniel is saying that one can pamper and request anybody for a certain limit. If there is some task then they need to do. The team captain Vaishnavi saying that if there is any problem with your team then talk with your teammates. If you are not able to solve the problem then come to me. For that Daniel Annie Pope replied then only you will make it as a big scene right. Everyone started laughing by hearing the Daniel statement.

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