Vishnu Vishal reacts to the insensitive hashtags that are being trended by Toxic Fans:

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Online users who identify themselves as actor Ajith and Vijay fans, were involved in a shameful act on Saturday. In the microblogging social media site, the duo trended insensitive hashtags against the actors. Many general Twitter users including actor Vishnu Vishal got upset over the hashtags and expressed their dejection through their respective social media handles.

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For a very long time, actors Vijay and Ajith are being considered rivals due to the period of entry they made in Tamil cinema and the kind of films they are acting on ever since. Being fondly called as Thala-Thalapathy by their fans, movies of the actors clashed with each other on certain occasions. Though they both share a healthy friendship between them, fans, most importantly, online fans of the actors developed an enmity between them. They often could be seen involved in verbal spat over which film of whom did better in the box office. Sometimes, the fight turned ugly as a result of which they would start abusing each other.

Insensitive hashtags:

Insensitive hashtags demeaning the actors trended nationwide in the past and now, on Saturday, a set of such toxic fans trended hashtags such as “RIP Joseph Vijay”, “Aids Patient Ajith” on Twitter. Tweets under the hashtags are low in standards and completely gross.

Vishnu Vishal reacts:

Among the many who condemned the fans who trend such hashtags, actor Vishnu Vishal who is known for acting in films such as “Jeeva”, “Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu”, “Ratchasan” came up with a tweet expressing his displeasure. The actor who felt that the hashtags that are trending are a mockery of ourselves said that it leaves him in a depressed state. “Such a mockery we r making of us. The Twitter hashtags n wars r so depressing… Love, empathy, and peace will only heal, not HATRED. What you emit is what you will attract in d long run….” the actor said through his tweet.