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Bigg Boss promo 3 for the day August 2 was released is released. In this promo, Vaishanavi is advising to Mahat and giving few tips to him. here is the video.

Vaishnavi saying to Mahat that if you are talking about someone then you need to think twice. Aishwarya saying that you are advising that but you are doing it. In the next scene Vaishnavi saying that you are too emotional Mahat. Please stop this drama. As per this show, you and Yashika are damaging your image very badly.

We all know that Vaishanavi was in a secret room for a few days but the contestants did not know about this. In this situation, Vaishanvai coming into the Bigg Boss house again and she is expressing her view about what she had seen on the television in the secret room.

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