“I can play cricket, but he can’t dance like me” Mirchi Shiva reacts to the memes comparing him with this Cricketer:

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“Mirchi” Shiva, affectionately called “Agila Ulaga Superstar” by his fans, finally reacted to the memes that surfaced comparing his looks with Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma. Tamil meme creators who think that they both look the same, made many side-splitting memes comparing them both so far. Shiva, in his very own funny way, said that he never felt the similarities and went on to state that he can play cricket like Rohit Sharma but the latter can’t dance like him.

Shiva’s Workfront:

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Mirchi Shiva’s “Idiot”, directed by Rambala is expected to release in theatres soon. To promote the film, the actor has been giving interviews on prominent YouTube channels and shared his experience in acting in the film.

On the work front, Shiva is acting in films such as “Single Shankarum Smartphone Simran um”,” Sumo”, “Kaasethaan Kadavulada”, “Saloon” and “Golmaal”. Last seen in the sequel of “Tamizh Padam”, Shiva’s “Party” with Venkat Prabhu is pending for a long time.

His movie journey:

Shiva who debuted through “Chennai 28” as a protagonist, is very much loved by fans for his humor sense. Being the lead of the only spoof franchise of Tamil cinema, Shiva gained the tagline “Agila Ulaga Superstar” after trolling all the top Tamil heroes through the film.

Shiva opens up:

In the recent promotional interview for “Idiot”, Shiva opened on the memes that compare his looks with Indian captain Rohit Sharma. “I don’t have any kind of connection with those memes. He is such a hardworking cricketer and I’m just a local tennis ball cricketer” Shiva said.

“I don’t see any similarities between me and him. Better if we keep this matter secret without Rohit Sharma himself knowing about it. But one thing is, I can play cricket. But he can’t dance like me” the actor said sarcastically.