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Bigg Boss Tamil promo video 2 for the day June 6 is published just now. In this video, Mahat and Sendrayan were fighting. Sendrayan asking few things to Mahat and he is getting tensed. here is the video.

Since Sendrayan is in Vessel washing team, Mahat asked Sendrayan to small a cup. Sendrayan smelled it and said that he has some bad smell. It means that Sendrayan did not wash it properly. So Mahat started insulting him.

Sendrayan saying that the vessel washing team did their job properly but Mahat placed the cup in the wrong place that’s why there is some bad smell from the cup. Mahat said that I have not placed the cup there. Sendrayan was aking then who placed there. Mahat got angry and shouting with Sendrayan.

Sendrayan asked Mahat Raghavendra to not argue with him anymore. In the meantime vessel washing team captain, Mumtaz came and she convinced Sendrayan and she took him out from that place.

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