Bigg Boss Tamil : Kamal Talks With Bigg Boss Contestants About Elimination

We all know that today is Sunday and one contestant is going to eliminate from Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss promo 1 for this day(July 29) is released. As we expected Kamal talks about the elimination in this video.

Kamal speaking with the nominated contestants and he is asking for their suggestion. Ponnambalam said that now I became the regular customer for the public. When Mahat speaking he said that My gut feeling says that I won’t get eliminated. Yashika Anand was saying that I’m really very happy here and I don’t like to go from here.

Kamal said that from this group one is going to eliminate and the family size is going to reduce to 11. But from yesterday’s episode, we can easily guess that the one who is going to be eliminated will go to the secret room.

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